Behind the Scenes of The Hollywood Reporter's Steve Carell Cover Shoot

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Behind the scenes of our cover shoot of Golden Globe winner Steve Carell. On 'Daily Show' with photographer Frank W. Ockenfels III, Carell took the role of a mock reporter interviewing figures like a Florida mayor who had banned the devil. Aspects of the job troubled him, though.

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©2012 The Hollywood Reporter.
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©2012 The Hollywood Reporter.

 Frank W. Ockenfels III is one of the most famous photographers in Hollywood for nearly two decades now and his portfolio is incredible ( Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Pink Christina Aguilera, Tom Waits and David Bowie)

You can read an interview at aphotoeditor.com:
Frank Ockenfels is the kind of photographer who does everything well. From his black and white to his color; from passport photos to 4 x 5; photographing men and photographing women; it’s all equally good. He’s also the kind of guy you throw a really difficult assignment to because with all the different films and formats he’s bound to get something great.  ( read more....)

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