How to Use Adobe Color Themes in Photoshop for Color Grading

8/27/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

One of Blake Rudis´ favorite tools in Photoshop is Adobe Color Themes. It is a neat little extension that helps you build color palettes around a central color that you have in mind. It can be very helpful in any sort of design work (which he usually needs a lot of help with).
How to Use Adobe Color Themes in Photoshop for Color Grading

Adobe Color Themes has replaced the Kuler Extension found in CS 6. If you are looking for Kuler in CC you won't find it, you'll see Color Themes instead. Likewise, if you are looking for Color Themes in CS6, you won't find it, it is called Kuler in CS6. Either way, the functionality is the same.

Adobe Color Themes is basically a Color Theory engine. You can select a color and make a color palette based on your desired outcome. From finding the perfect complimentary color to your desired color to making analagous, monochromatic, and triadic palettes, it can all be done fast in Color Themes.

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