How to Photograph a Difficult Subject

10/29/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

We have all had difficult subjects in our careers, but Blake Rudis doesn't think you've ever had one this interesting! Watch his buddy David Dube as he photographs a zombie in a post-apocalyptic zombie ridden world!

The equipment
How to Post Process Zombie Photos

Zombies need some love and attention in Photoshop too! In this tutorial, they will make the zombie makeup look more realistic and put this little guy in a grungy background. Use these tips to create your own with the images supplied at the link above.

About Blake Rudis : is a High Dynamic Range photography blog dedicated to being a 100% free HDR resource. There are a plethora of tutorials, tips, and great photos to stroll through. After checking out this Youtube channel, why don't you head on over to!

Text, image and video via f64 Academy

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