How to fix Blown Out Highlights in Photoshop

11/04/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

We once thought blown out clouds were a deal breaker... not anymore!

There have been many landscape photos that have found their way to my trash can on my computer because I pushed the histogram a bit too far to the highlights and ruined the picture. It can be challenging sometimes to balance a good histogram when the scene offers a full gamut of dynamic range. You want to expose for the highlights, but run the risk of introducing noise in the shadows when you recover the exposure. On the flip side, you want nice clean shadows with sufficient detail, but then you risk blowing out cloud detail.

You may be thinking that those challenges are a thing of the past with our high-end sensors and HDR processing, but the struggle is still real! The problem with blown out clouds is that the viewer is going to go straight to the areas that are the lightest. Big blotchy white spots on our photo, ironically, are a black hole for the viewer's attention. We want to avoid those paper white monoliths at all costs, but how do we recover detail where there is none?

You don't, is the answer. You cannot recover detail in a photograph if the detail is not there, to begin with. However, you can add structure with a little bit of creative problem solving.

In today's free tutorial I am going to show you a new method I developed by accident when trying to create an artistic effect Action. Ever wonder why I harp on experimentation so much?

The basic concept is to render some clouds in Photoshop and blend them in with Blend If. Say goodbye to blown out clouds! Here is the list, or skip to the bottom of the page and watch the tutorial and download the Action!
Download the Action:

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