How to use Content Aware Crop in Photoshop

12/02/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

If you have ever opened the crop tool, you may have noticed the Content-Aware checkbox in the menu bar. It is a pretty incredible feature that automates a lot of stuff I used to do when I cropped my images. For instance, have you ever straightened the horizon in your photo and noticed a lot of your image is being cut off on the sides, but if you expand out the crop you get negative space?

We used to do a lot to fix that negative space in the past. It entailed making a selection with the Magic Wand, Expanding the selection by 3-5 pixels, feathering the selection by 2-3 pixels and then select Content-Aware Fill from the fill dialog. More often than not, we'd have to spend another 3-5 minutes cleaning up the lines with the Clone Stamp Tool. Well, all of those steps are a thing of the past with Content-Aware Crop.

You may want to take a look at this tutorial and keep a note lying around because it can be beneficial. Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom are not as smart as Photoshop when it comes to cropping and will, in turn, cut off that critical negative space that could be used to enhance the composition.

In today's tutorial, I have the perfect candidate for this feature. I have a horizon that is WAY off due to composing the scene in camera rather quickly while the waves were approaching me. If I tried to fix the horizon in ACR, I lost a killer composition because it cut off the top of the trees and grounded the eye of the viewer. However, when I brought it into Photoshop and checked the content aware crop button, it made a WORLD of difference. - said Blake Rudis -

If you like this tutorial, check out the entire 90-minute course on cropping!

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