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Special Ryan Brenizer: Interview and the Brenizer Method DOF Calculation (2/6)

10/02/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This episode of Real Exposures brings in professional photographer Ryan Brenizer to B&H for a discussion about his method for creating a shallow depth of field, favorite gear, mentors and influences and what's next for future projects.

Quick tip: One important thing that got left on the cutting-room floor. When shooting any panorama ALL of your settings should be the same shot to shot — your focus, your ISO, your aperture, your shutter speed, and your white balance, otherwise it will be a hot mess. If your camera has an “AEL/AFL” button set to lock both exposure and focus, this takes care of all the variables except the white balance, and if you’re shooting RAW you can correct that later.

Brenizer-Method-Calculation: ( via )

Also, photographer Brett Maxwell has come out with a really handy spreadsheet tool so you can figure out the exact equivalent of you final shot in 35mm terms.

For example, in the shot in the B&H video, taken with a 105mm f/1.8, the final frame acts like it was shot by a 49mm f/0.8 lens.

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