Toy Camera Challenge With Instagramer Brandon Woelfel

Years ago, Kai W created with DigitalRev a very popular series of videos with professional photographers using a toy or cheap camera. They called Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge.  In this video photographers Brandon Woelfel and Jessica Kobeissi take photos using a KIDZOOM camera!! Here we have the behind the scenes of the first photo taked with this camara

How to Fix Blue Waterfalls in Photoshop or Lightroom

Blue waterfalls are a side effect of white balance and your camera compensating for the colors coming into the sensor.  You may have everything dialed in perfectly, but when you edit your waterfall pictures they result in an electric blue haze around the highlights.

Photography Tips from professional photographer Bob Holmes

Here's Marc Silber´s next installment with travel professional photographer Bob Holmes, great tips about how to visualize photographs, plan your shoot, how to train your eye to see photographs and lots more!

The ULTIMATE Guide To Adding Rim Lights !!!

This is the BEST & most complete guide you will ever get on adding Rim Lights! Adding Rim Lights will allow you to separate your subjects from the background. In this tutorial Director Of Academy, ANDREW BOEY teaches how to position Rim Lights correctly & you will also master the tricks of CALCULATING the power values of your Rim Lights.

© Michael Clark

Michael Clark did a real-size field test to push the ELB 1200 to its limits. Working with Red Bull Athlete, Rafa Ortiz, Red Bull Photography and some intense ingredients he ended up with astonishing results.

5 Things That Make a Tip Top Tripod

Tripods: boring. Still, you need a good one, and here's 5 things you should look for in a tippity-toppity tripod. BOKEH!

$50 Camcorder Vs $50,000 Cinema Camera

Corridor Team are going to compare a $50 Sony HD camcorder to $50,000 Red cinema Camera

Soft Light VS Hard Light. The Effects of Diffusion Panels

In this video Francisco Joel Hernandez goes over the effects of diffusion panels and what they do to your modifiers. You'll notice that depending on how many you add you can get either soft light or hard light.

Kenny Martin

In this 1st of a 3 part series Kenny Martin has been asked to come up with a series of editorial portraits for professional mountain biker Katy Winton.

Gimbal Movements: Learn the Basics

Today, filmmaker Brandon Li is going to give some basic tips for using your camera on a gimbal and show you some basic movements that he does.