3 DIY PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS to Create Depth in Studio Portraits and Modeling Shots

In this video Joe Edelman demonstrates 3 DIY photography tips that you can use to create depth in your studio portraits and modeling shots.

Recently, a lesson I was learning about capturing light also held some timely truths for my own life as I was struggling with motivation as a freelancer. I hope sharing it here helps you in your own photography, filmmaking or life in general. Share it on if you found it useful. - said Sean Tucker-

Fletch Murray is a master of light. He draws from years of experience making his own films, and has studied the works of other legends in his field. Here, he shares some of his favorite techniques for lighting a scene. Specifically, how to get the most beautiful light with the least lighting equipment. Photographers, and filmmakers, go out there and de-light!

Photoshop Tutorial: Blending Multiple Exposures for Car Photography

It’s official! Moe Zainal is ISO 1200’s first official collaborator. Welcome aboard!

Who is Moe Zainal?

Moe is an awesome Automotive & Car Photographer from Bahrain, if you would like to learn all the tricks of the trade for car photography then head out to his channel & learn away!

In collaboration with FUJIFILM, Magnum Photos is on a major new project exploring the subject of "HOME". An exhibition of the work will tour to seven cities around the world starting in March 2018, and be accompanied by a photobook.

Photographer  Rob Sambles explains 5 Camera Hacks in 3 minutes for Sports Photography

Shooting Rudy Giuliani For Time Magazine 9/11 2001

In this episode of "Store Time" Monte Isom tells the story of assisting Greg Heisler while he photographed Rudy Giuliani for Time Magazine immediately after 9/11.

We all have to start somewhere. In this (hopefully inspiring) video I will go through some of my first DSLR images and I can clearly see how I have evolved and got better over the years. It has been hard work definitely!- said Antti-

Tips For Photographing Children And Setting Your Background

Working with people can be tough. Working with children? Even tougher! But Denice Duff has the pro tips you need to make it a little easier. And, as a bonus, she discusses the best ways to set the best background for you subjects. That's two tips for the price of one video!

Laws of Light: 5 Portrait Lighting Setups

Laws of light is back with the five basic portrait lighting setups to take your studio photography to the next level.