Today on The Slanted Lens, they are discussing how to create Rembrandt Lighting for low key portraits.

VLOG like Lok - Tips on Cameras, Accessories, Technique

Sharing what I've learned through the years! How do I vlog without a flip screen? Do I use manual settings or auto? This is all about how I do what I do and you can do too! - said Lok-

Nikon D850 Hands-On Field Test (In Bend, Oregon)

On paper, the Nikon D850 is one (if the not the most) impressive digital cameras ever made. Paper is one thing, in the field is another. So Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake went to Bend, Oregon to see if this is really the new gold standard for DSLRs.

Vlogging without a flip out screen is tough but with this vlogging mirror/monitor, you can see the screen of your camera! The Vlogging Mirror is a device that works with cameras that have a flip up not out style screen.

Star Photographer Marco Grob captured by Gabriel Hill

I usually tend to say that I don’t get nervous anymore before a portrait sitting but the minute I got the confirmation to have a portrait sitting with world renown portrait photographer Marco Grob my hands started sweating.

iPhone 8 Plus camera moves closer to DSLR quality

The iPhone 8 Plus camera delivers better portraits and colors compared with the iPhone 7 Plus thanks to a new sensor and a Portrait Lighting feature that adds studio lighting effects. But does any of that result in better photos in the real world? We wanted to find out!

Off Camera Flash Photography Tips with David Hobby (The Strobist)

At the Fujifilm Festival in NYC, The Phoblographer recently had the pleasure to chatting with photographer David Hobby. He gave them a few great tips on how to shoot better photos with off camera flash.

How to shoot portraits with a smartphone

COOPH presents 8 simple tips and tricks on how to shoot great portraits with your smartphone. Using the Huawei P10, we go on a mission to find cool new ways that will help you level up your portrait photography.

How to SETUP and shoot a TABLE TOP

Ever wonder how BuzzFeed shoots table top shots? This is an ever growing type of shot that has many many ways to shoot it. In this video, LensProToGo shows you one simple way to setup your camera to do just that.

5 Ways to Change the Color of ANYTHING in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, Tutvid will break down five different techniques that you can use to change the color of any object in Photoshop.