Keeping the Sensor Clean - Lens Change in Bad Weather

In this video, Michael Breitung shows you how he changes lenses in bad weather. When the wind is blowing, when there's sand and dust in the air or close to the sea it's important, not to expose the sensor to the elements for too long.

Color Grade Like A Pro by Clay Cook

The way Clay Cook approaches color grading is not scientific, he understands color theory, but rarely uses the knowledge.

Could it be the last PRO Nikon Jared Polin ever owns as well?

This is a video that discusses the future of the DSLR as well as calls out what Jared Polin is personally looking for in a PRO camera at this point.

Fuji Guy Francis gives you a sneak peek preview of the FUJIFILM GFX100.

The Rack Focus Shot: Practical Uses and Visual Examples

The rack focus is one of the most essential camera moves for any cinematographer. But how should you rack focus and why should you do it?

A Natural Lighting Tutorial To Improve Your Photography Forever.

A Natural Lighting Tutorial To Improve Your Photography Forever.

Top 5 Overrated Camera Features - "Need" vs "Nice"

This is a list of features that many call deal breakers. Even though photographers have gotten along fine without them for years.

In this video, Mango Street talk about how to get started with concert photography and some tips and techniques to put into practice when shooting live music. Check out the photos here:

Product photography tutorial: How to photograph glasses using reverse tilt-shift

In this video, Karl Taylor shows you his lighting setup for a commercial glasses shoot and explain how to use techniques such as reverse tilt-shift and focus stacking to overcome the depth of field issues often experienced when working at high magnifications.

Shooting Portraits with One Speedlight

Photographer Sean Tucker thinks the assumption is that to get into shooting portraits with strobes, it's going to be a very expensive and technical pursuit. But in his experience, you can actually achieve some great images with very little gear.