The Secret Behind the Medium Format Look

Ah, a film or digital medium format camera... the holy grail for many photographers. But is it really that good? And is the medium format look real? Is digital medium format photography something you should try?

Car light Painting Tutorial with Dave Cox

The brilliant @Shooting Dave is going to show us how he light-painted this car, he will also be walking us through his workflow in Lightroom and photoshop with the breakdown of the layers.

Top FIVE Lighting Modifiers for Portrait Photography

Here's a quick run through (with image samples!) of five of James Quantz Jr´s favorite lighting modifiers he uses regularly for photoshoots.

How To Take Professional PRODUCT PHOTOS With ONE LIGHT

Peter Lindgren shows you how to take professional product photos using only one light together with his buddy Jonas ( visit his website here:!

Are Lightweight Cameras Ruining Videos?

Cody Wanner has been wondering why his handheld and the handheld he sees on Netflix looks so different, so Cody thought he would test out the weight theory. This is the result.

Building a 360 Degree Product Photo with a DSLR & Turntable | Photography & Photoshop Tutorial

360 degree product photos are popping up all over e-commerce. The useful medium allows for a comprehensive experience viewing a product in a virtual store. By showing all angles of the product we open ourselves up to some potential challenges as it relates to lighting.

Pratik Naik wanted to explore the limits of retouching and inspire people along the way by walking through my layers on difficult images! We’ll go through them step by step and show you how he achieved the final image.

Master Cinematic Lighting

Learn how to: light the face, create depth and separation with shadow and light and add texture and visual interest. Understanding lighting techniques is what separates the professionals from the amateurs.

5 Must Know Tips to Enhance REFLECTIONS in Your Landscape Photos

In this video, Mark Denney will share with you 5 great tips for enhancing reflections in your landscape photos. One of his favorite qualities of a great reflection in a landscape photo is the momentary confusion that reflections cause the viewer as it usually takes a second to figure out what exactly you're looking at.

Sony ZV-1 - The Best Compact Camera for Video

For 4K vlogging and video creation the Sony ZV-1 is the best all-in-one option. Check out the video samples in this hands-on review.