Replicating A Maybelline Ad

Learn in 7 MINUTES, how Andrew Boey pulls of an almost EXACT replication of the famous 2014 Adriana Lima's Maybelline ad.

5 Creative Camera Transitions Using a Gimbal

In this video, Mango Street show you how to create 5 camera transitions using a gimbal. Remember, camera transitions just add to a compelling story. They won't make a bad video good.

Martin Schoeller for New York Magazine - RuPaul’s DragCon LA behind-the-scenes video

Acclaimed photographer Martin Schoeller shot 37 different covers, each featuring an alumnus of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Balancing Sunlight and Strobe in Portraits

In this video Sean Tucker teaches you his simple technique for shooting portraits by mixing ambient light (full midday sun in this case) and strobe, using the Godox AD200 and High Speed Sync.

Stellantis - Behind the Scenes by Erik Johansson

Stellantis is a photo project by Erik Johansson, photographed in Prague, late summer 2018. See more about how this project came to life here:

How to Shoot a Commercial with Robots

For #HowToWeek B&H visit visual engineer, photographer and robot master Steve Giralt. He takes us on a tour of his NYC studio to show us how he makes his creative videos using high-speed robotic cameras.

Minimalist Photography Tutorial

In this video, Mango Street give you some tips on using negative space to create striking images.

A brief insight to Brendan Barry and the amazing multitude of cameras he's made. He recently constructed this gigantic camera out of a shipping container and has been making images with it in a park in Exeter.

4 Tips for Telling Stories with Your Camera feat. Daniel Milnor, Documentary Photographer

Do you ever feel you need to get unstuck and learn a new approach for telling stories with your camera instead of just random images?

One-Light Product Photography Tips

How to do good product photography with a simple one-light setup. Helpful if you're on a budget and/or just need to create good, consistent product photos for your online shop or listing.