5 Beginner Camera MISTAKES and How To FIX Them

My name is Evan Ranft and I’m an Atlanta based photographer and YouTuber. This video was inspired by a recent conversation with a friend who just got their first DSLR camera. They were asking me questions that seemed obvious to me but it made me realize how little first time camera users really know.

8 DIY Photo Hacks Using Cardboard

COOPH presents 8 awesome photography tips and tricks that you can do from home, using nothing but cardboard!

Impossible Flash Over NYC by Joe McNally

A true test of the radio capabilities of the SB-5000. At night, helicopter to helicopter, exceeding the triggering distance Joe McNally thought possible.

7 TIPS that Will Make You SMILE Naturally on every PHOTOS

Said money, no cheese. Mathieu Stern gives us 7 tips to use for photographers, models and anyone who want to look good in photos.

In his last photography video, landscape photographer Thomas Heaton took you on location as he shot an image. He mentioned the whole focus stacking thing.

How to SPICE UP your videos using CAMERA TRICKS

Today, Peter McKinnon is talking about three little camera tricks that you can add to your videos to make your edits a little more fun and interesting.

Taking Your Photos to the Next Level with Color Theory

In this video, Mango Street take you along for another shoot with their models Destiny and Kelsey, visiting two locations with two different outfits — one pink and one yellow.

DIY photography lighting hacks | Great lights for portrait, product and food photography

DIY photography tutorial and camera hacks to create awesome lights that you can use for portrait photography, product photography and even food photography.

10 tips, how to shoot food in 52 different ways

Robertas Daskevičius, a freelance food photographer based in Lithuania, Europe, started his own yearly food photography project called “52 times” ( www.52times.eu, www.facebook.com/52kartai, @52times in Instagram). Having a big experience and a huge passion for food photography, the photographer aims to show various possibilities and techniques of food photography. Each week he organizes food photoshoots with different famous chefs and challenges himself to come up with a new idea how to show and shoot food this time.

Steady Box good things come from strange places. In this video, Liza Trainer explains how to make a camera shock mount real fast and cheap.