The iPhone XS camera feature no one is talking about — even Apple!

The wide camera on the iPhone XS and XS Max has a new focal length (it's wider than ever before) and 30% larger sensor (which allows it to gather 50% more light )- a significant upgrade from the X last year.

How to edit like Damian Plisko (Car Photography Tutorial)

Another awesome collaboration with Car Photographer Damian Plisko. Damian is going to show us how he edited this Bugatti photo using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Today, Justin, a professional drone pilot from Droneworks Studios, is talking about the top five reasons why he hates DJI Drones.

How to make a simple DIY lens hood

Tired of lens flares or can’t nail your exposure? In this video, COOPH presents an awesome photography hack that will teach you how to make your own DIY lens hood… all you need is a plastic bottle, some black paint and a pinch of creativity.

HOW TO POSE MALE MODELS - 5 Simple Photo Posing Tips For Men

Posing for males, dudes, boys seems to be a giant mystery. SO many people are stumped when it comes to providing techniques for male models (beginning or advanced). The poses for females seem to be endless, but do not fret men...

GoPro Hero7 Black vs. Hero6 vs. Sony X3000 With Brent Rose

Tech Writer Brent Rose reviews the new GoPro Hero7 Black for WIRED, testing it against the Hero6 Black and the SONY X3000, and reviewing its "hypersmooth" image stabilization, audio capture, timelapse, SuperPhoto stills and more.

“I Bloom For You” is another one of the artworks in series “I Found The Silence”. The idea was created in June 2018, followed by 3 months of planning.  The main inspiration was to escape beyond the limits of everyday existence, somewhere where a man can be himself. Escape to a place, where we meet ourselves in the purest way possible. On the photograph, as well as the whole series, appear elements of nature. On this particular artwork it is the flowing river of flowers as the symbolism of freedom. Our own liberation, that should never be taken from us.

Swap Tripod Heads The Fast Way!

The question is: What happens when you have multiple heads that you want to use with your tripod or your monopod?

How To Take AMAZING Photos of Yourself

How to take amazing photos of yourself. How to take selfies that don't suck. Pierre T. Lambert has been traveling the world for a year with his wife and they took all their couples photos alone.

How to Nail Exposure using Manual Mode

A lot of his street photography is made up of contrasty images where the majority of the frame falls to deep shadow. The question Sean Tucker gets asked most is 'how do you expose for this sort of shot'? The short answer is 'Manual Mode'... and the long answer is this video.