How Sean Tucker Writes Scripts for his YouTube Videos

In this video Sean Tucker lays out his process for writing scripts for his YouTube videos, including where he likes to write, using his iPad Pro and the iA Writer app, structuring the message he wants to put across, and some thoughts on the importance of feeding your mind to keep the flow of creativity going, and how he delivers a piece to camera.


If you're a photographer or a videographer you're gonna end up getting a lens mug.  These things are awesome until you get a couple of them.

Ring Jewelry Photography Tutorial: Shooting and Editing Rings

In this depth tutorial, New Amsterdam Photo Video will go over each step and demonstrate what has worked best for him to create simple jewelry images on white backgrounds for e-commerce.

Improve Your Flash Photography with the 4 Ways We See Light

In this video photographer Robert Hall breaks down the 4 ways to consider how your lighting will visually communicate in an image.

How to Use Lightroom RGB Tone Curve

Julia Trotti is going to show you how the Lightroom Tone Curve works and how you can use it to edit your photos.

Mirrorless Camera Comparison: Canon R vs. Nikon Z7 vs. Sony A7R3

Jay P. Morgan compares the pros and cons of three different rival mirrorless cameras on the market, the Canon R, the Nikon Z7, and the Sony A7RIII.

In this rare interview, photographer Robert Frank discusses his seminal book The Americans (1958). He reflects on specific images from the series and gives insight into his process at the time.

Portrait Photography: 4 ways to make your MODEL feel less AWKWARD

Here are 4 ways to make your Model Feel less Awkward in front of your camera. This technics may look silly but it works, it will help your model feel less stressed and even laugh before the shooting start.

Find Your Creative Style With SPLIT TONING

In this week's episode, Mark Denney discusses one of the most under-appreciated tools in Lightroom: Split Toning.

Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes welcomes a photographer of icons, Albert Watson, to the Adobe MAX Stage. Albert discusses some of his most iconic images and shares the creative pursuits that led him from mathematics to photography.