Nikon F100 | The Best 35mm film Camera for beginners

The Nikon F100 has to be the best 35mm film camera for beginners, check out some of the amazing features this camera has to offer anybody starting out in film photography.

Photographers in Focus: Stephen Shore

Since taking up photography at the age of six, Shore has published over 25 monographs that showcase his unconventional framing and subject matter: parked cars, gas stations, public signs, desolate streets, hotel rooms, uneaten meals… All the while, his unique frame of vision blurs the line between observational and documentary photography.

How I did photography while having a day job

Being able to get out when the conditions are right is key to making great images. Having a day job can severely limit our flexibility, but there are some ways around this. In this video, Adrian Otero shares how he was able to do a lot of photography when he had a day job.

Over time, I have seen many images where a pattern is projected onto someone’s face, and I’ve always struggled to simulate this type of lighting. My attempts usually resulted in poorly defined shapes and not the sort of razor-sharp edges I was expecting. There is a general principal in lighting: the larger the source relative to the subject, the softer the light. This is something basic that I have known for many years. Given that, what I was doing wrong should have seemed obvious, but unfortunately it wasn’t. I needed to use the hardest light possible.

Street photographer Craig Reilly Interview - Composition: Creating something meaningful

London based Street Photographer Craig Reilly is being interviewed by Timothy Lunn for and talks about "Composition: Creating something meaningful".

Since he has been asked this a lot Lee Zavitz thought he would make a little video explaining his thought process when editing Sony Raw files.

Instagram Story Hacks for 2019

In this video, Mango Street show you 5 techniques to make better Instagram Stories and get more eyes on your work.

His work embraces the analog medium by capturing fashion, beauty and editorial photography.

This episode of phototalks (by Willem Verbeeck)  features Contemporary New York based Fashion and Editorial photographer Devin Blaskovich.

 Delete to Remember

As photography becomes more accessible, we end up taking more images, more frequently. Often, we take multiple images of exactly the same scene.

What Happens When A Movie Has No Gaffer?

On this episode of "Reverse Film School, Vanity Fair break down what happens when a movie has no gaffer on set.