Peter McKinnon is showing you 5 ways you can instantly make better videos. None of this requires you having to buy extra equipment.

Why I Love the Cheap Kit Lens

Are they bad or do they represent a perfectly decent option for beginner to filmmakers? Should you buy a kit lens with your DSLR or mirror-less camera?

Canon DSLR or an Arri Alexa Mini

Which is the best camera? A budget Canon DSLR or an Arri Alexa Mini?

In this lighting tutorial, Jeff Rojas, Fashion and Portrait photographer based in NYC, discusses how to create 3 different portraits using a single reflective umbrella.

Since today is Aaron Anderson´s birthday he thought he would give you guys a massive Photoshop tutorial 😉 swipe to see before and after.  In this tutorial Aaron will show you how to use a 3 light set up to create a portrait great for any composite background!

In this flash photography lighting video tutorial, photographer Tom Bol demonstrates how to create an edgy portrait of an athlete with three speedlights and some Rogue FlashBender 2 Gear.

Today Jay P. Morgan is talking about quality of light in their next installment of the Laws of Light series they have been doing on The Slanted Lens.

Lightroom: Seven Ways to Move Sliders

Longtime Lightroom team member Benjamin Warde shows you seven different ways to move sliders in the develop module in Lightroom.

Fashion Made Simple with Jeff Rojas

Photographer Jeff Rojas provides some simple tools to use for creating fashion-style images using very limited gear .

How Platon Created A Portrait of Collin Powell for Netflix

Journey through Platon´s creative process, explore his work, and discover how he created this iconic portrait of Collin Powell.