Create IMPOSSIBLE images with flash photography COMPOSITES

This video is a tutorial on the process of photographing a composite to easily execute the post-production in photoshop. It deals more with the technique of acquiring clean assets and creating consistent lighting than it does with the photoshop skills.

7 tips for architecture photography

The COOPH team headed out with the new Leica CL to test some useful hints and tips for architecture photography. Architectural photography is both aesthetically pleasing and an accurate representation of the subject, therefore unlike other fields of photography, considerable time can be spent scouting a scene or environment.

NEW Sony a6400 with FLIP SCREEN Review!

Despite its compact size, it delivers speedy performance and a range of features you'd expect from a full-frame model. iJustine is checking out the new Sony a 6400 this was just announced by Sony.

How Tyler Shields sold out one of his rarest and most expensive photographs

Only 3 were made and they sold out in one day.

If you’re interested in basic photography lighting, this is the video for you. This is everything you need to learn about light, and Jeff Rojas is going to demonstrate it with some unconventional tools.

Why Kodak Willingly Ignored the Future of Photography

Steve Sasson, a Kodak employee, was granted a patent for the world’s first digital camera. So why did Kodak go bankrupt in 2012 if the company had the future of photography in its grasp? Cheddar explains.

A Day in the Life: Police Photographer

Ever wanted to know what a day in the life of a Police Photographer looks like?! Follow Rhonda as she takes you through the ins and outs of what a typical day looks like as part of the Police Photography Section based in Auckland, New Zealand!

Congratulations DPReview!! 2019 is their 20th anniversary year, so they decided to go back to the past and shoot with two flagship cameras that helped to introduce pro photographers in the digital era: The Canon EOS 1D and the Nikon D1H.

Create Colorful Contrast with 2 Special Blend Modes!

Learn How to Use the "Color Burn" and "Color Dodge" together to boost the shadows and the highlights along with adding a punch of color to it.


Small or big softbox, Tommy Reynolds hopes you enjoy his comparison video and it steers you in a better direction to deciding on your next modifier.