how to light a bottle

Take a look at this DIY approach to lighting your photograph with things you find around the house. In this Laws of Light video Jay P. Morgan takes a look at how to light a bottle using things you find in the kitchen. Very simple photography lighting tips that anyone can do.


 What is your favourite feature of the new Canon R5? For Peter is easy: 4K 120 LETS GOO!

Testing Viral Photography Hacks…DO THEY WORK??

In today's video  Jessica Kobeissi tests out popular photography hacks that have been all over facebook and see if they REALLY WORK!

TWO BIG reasons why you SHOULDN'T use a Light Meter

Discover how you could be limiting your creativity and why  Karl Taylor doesn't use them.

Get EPIC B-ROLL using a LAPTOP (Whiskey Commercial) created a Jack Daniels Whiskey commercial using a laptop as a background or to create reflections. Learn how they shot and edited a product video in this tutorial.

Why is B&W More Expensive to Develop than Color

Sure you would know why black and white film is more expensive to develop than color,  even though everybody knows that black and white is actually easier to develop. Nicolas Llasera explains all details about this.

My Minimalist Street Photography Setup (feat. Ricoh GR3)

This is the first of a 2 part series sharing Sean Tucker´s minimalist pocket setup for street photography. In this episode Sean talks you through the benefits of photographing with a point and shoot camera, and why he chose the Ricoh GR3 for his own work.

Using flash in Street Photography

Robin wants to talk to you about using flash in street photography. He doesn't use flash that but once in a while it can be good to change up things. He will give you his perspective on using flash and show which flash he is using and he also talks about how he is using the flash.

Eli Infante covers his process in creating a one-light studio portrait. He will discuss which camera settings and power output he uses on his strobe light. As well as feathering the light to sculpt the light for studio portraits.

Camera Geekery: The Leica MP-6

Some viewers have been asking  Japan Camera Hunter to make a video about his favourite camera. So here you go. The Leica MP-6.