A few interesting non-standard applications of conventional condom by photographer.

Koldunov brothers diy

In this second video, the authors of the blog koldunov.сom show how, using simple accessory (ordinary balloon) can improve the quality of light when shooting with the built-in flash. Photographing with a conventional balloon - a way to replace expensive lighting accessories (both homemade and store bought), such as soft boxes, dishes and other diffusers.

You do not have to do anything with your hands, everything you need can now lie under your feet.

Text, image and video via Koldunov Brothers

About Koldunov Brothers:

We are twin brothers: Aleksey Koldunov and Victor Koldunov. Our channel is devoted to creativity in its various manifestations (photo, video, music, etc.).

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In part 1 of this Ice Light Master Series, world-renowned wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis demonstrates a wide variety of Ice Light 2 lighting setups for stunning, classic portraits on-location.

Ice light Jerry Ghionis

Text, image and video via F.J. Westcott

About Jerry Ghionis:

Jerry Ghionis profile twitter
Widely regarded as one of the top five best wedding photographers in the world, Jerry Ghionis is based in Beverly Hills, California and Melbourne, Australia and travels frequently on international photography assignments and speaking engagements.

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Answering a question from subscriber, Jo Dickens, Alexi describes "How he edits and lays out a fashion story",


Today we have the pleasure to feature "The war reenactment project". Written by Zia Vey (website), we hope you enjoy with this story :

There's always something interesting about history. Whether is about discovering traditions or capturing details that catch your eye and make you wonder about the story behind these traditions.

These ideas were the key foundation for my war reenactment photography project. With the help of the “Military Tradition” Association (a Romanian military reenactment group), I started organizing photo shoots with its members in military uniforms dating from the 19th and 20th centuries. So far, the project incorporates portraits of men wearing uniforms from the Mountain Troops Battalion (World War I), Pedestrian Gendarmes during the Independence War (1877) and the Marine Infantry Regiment (1934).

Regarding the lighting setup, I used as the main light a Cononmk I6T EX 600W strobe with a 150 cm softbox umbrella (I feathered the main light to get a wrap around light); and as a fill light a Cononmk K4T 400W strobe with a 105 cm softbox umbrella, triggered with the Cononmk ABC trigger. The lighting ratio was 1/8. I shot the portraits with a Nikon D800E and 50 mm Sigma ART.

The rest of the final images:

If you like this post written by Zia Vey, please share it to your friends.

About Zia Vey:

Zia Vey
I always try to create a photography project centered around the quest for individuality.

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Sometimes the ambient light is just perfect. But usually it’s not. It’s too bright. It’s too dark. It’s the middle of the day when you want a glowing sunset.

That's why we use flash. With flash you’re in full control. If it’s too bright you use it to overpower the sun. If it’s too dark you light up your subject. If it’s the wrong time of day you add an orange color gel and create your own sunset.

The trick is to make it look natural. People shouldn’t be able to notice the flash light. They should pay attention to the image, not the technique behind it. 

In this video, commercial photographer Adam Angelides shows you how. He uses color gels to recreate warm sunlight. He uses a large and deep umbrella as fill light. He uses High Speed Sync to control the ambient light. He uses gels to create a flare. All this in under five minutes.

See more of Adam Angelides’ work: adamangelides.com

Read the full post on profoto.com/offcameraflash

Text, images and video via Profoto

About Adam Angelides:

Adam Angelides photographerAdam is a commercial photographer commissioned for this vision. He has directed and produced several highly successful global campaigns. His images deliver a worldwide message for his clients, putting their brand firmly front and centre.

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Why did my cast and crew work for FREE?

I know this is a very controversial topic within the film industry, in fact any industry. The Joker once said “If you’re good at something, never do it for free” Let me also say that unless it’s a charity or another worthy cause, I do not work for free, so how did I have the audacity to ask others to work on my short film for no money?

The answer is, had myself, the cast and crew not worked for free on our short film “Demented” then it would never have been made. This was a self funded independent passion project with a budget of £300. All of the budget was spent on kit hire, props, costumes, make up, food and travel expenses. I like to think we were all very resourceful with producing a high production value short film for very little money. It helps that I already owned the camera (Sony FS7) and sound equipment and can be quite persuasive when it comes to sourcing locations. After the film was complete I asked some of the cast and crew why they worked for me for free.

Cal directing on set of “Demented”
Cal directing on set of “Demented”

Having made numerous short films in her early career lead actress, Michaela Longden had progressed into episodes of BBC One’s Doctors and will soon be featured in Hollyoaks. She said:

I literally made an oath to myself that I wasn’t ever going to work for free again. But when I read the script I knew I had to audition! If a project looks like it has potential and the driving force behind it appears professional and skilled then you’re onto a winner. You don’t always do projects for money, you do them for the passion of performing, the people you meet and to produce something special.

I asked one of the crew members Pat Boyle who was our on set sound recordist and contributed to the grade during post production.

I’m of a creative background and from a mind set of saying yes. Although I run my own production company on a day to day basis I feel that being positive and taking a punt on other exciting projects means karma will sort me out in the long run.

It’s great to hear directly from the cast and crew that they saw value in the project from the start and didn’t necessarily require a wage. The film was shot in 6 hours. Rehearsals and lighting setups took approximately 5 hours so it was a full day on set.

There’s a project triangle that I was taught when I first started out in the industry. I’ve drawn it up here. EXPOSURE. EXPERIENCE. MONEY. In any job you want to be hitting at least one or two of the points on the triangle to make it worth your while. All 3 and you’re laughing.

  • Exposure – Will the project help showcase your particular skills set in the industry with the intention to drive you more work in the near future?
  • Experience – Will you learn something from the project or will you enjoy your time spent on it? (Amount of fun is rule number one for any job)
  • Money – Will you receive monetary compensation for your time?

Ultimately if a project comes up and you don’t feel that you’ll receive at least one of the points on the project triangle then walk away. It’s as simple as that.

“Demented” had a cast of 2 and crew of 7. I’d met everyone through previous work or online. I had to pitch my script to each and every member. This is because I knew I was asking for a day out of everyones professional careers to work on something different. After reading the script and seeing my previous work, everyone was on board.

Demented behind the scenes.
On set of “Demented” with a happy cast and crew!

I kept my project triangle in mind and made sure everyone was getting something out of the project. Ultimately we’re all in the creative industry because we get a buzz from being creative. Money isn’t everything. As long as there isn’t a high end corporate brand exploiting staff for their years of skills and experience to turn over a profit then I say get involved with as many productions as you can afford. We’ve all got to make a living but lets keep producing and improving our skills as film-makers!

Finally, I just want to say, thanks to everyone who contributed to this film. It’s the best project I’ve ever been a part of and I’m very proud to showcase this film. Enjoy

This article and all the images were originally published on Cal Thomson´s blog (here) and shared with his permission

About Cal Thomson:

Portrait profile Cal Thomson
Cal specialises in short promotional videos for corporate businesses and events. Based in South Manchester but within reasonable driving distance of Leeds, Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham and Stoke on Trent.

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Watch in this sneak peek of how Photo School co founder, celebrity photographer Michael Muller, explains how to execute a test shoot for an aspiring model on location with a variety of conditions.

michael Muller behind the scenes celebrity photographer

michael Muller behind the scenes celebrity photographer

Text, image and video via TeamPhotoSchool

NOTE: I have visited his website and wow, the tutorials look amazing.

About Michael Muller:

Michael Muller Photographer
Photo School 's co-founders Michael Muller and Patrick Hoelck are Hollywood's two most sought-after Celebrity Photographers responsible for some of the most striking and globally-recognizable images

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Take a glimpse of newest NFLPA members! On the eve of the NFL Draft, we host our annual NFLPA Debut, an exclusive event for each year’s top draft prospects and their families to celebrate the transition from prospective to professional.

A look behind the scenes at Matthew Callahan's sprawling photo essay, Galactic Warfighters. The project aims to humanize the faceless troopers of the Star Wars universe to tether the real world and science fiction through the lens of a U.S. Marine combat correspondent by photographing sixth scale toys.

Text and video via Joseph DiGIrolamo

About Matthew Callahan:

is a storyteller for the U.S. Marine Corps. His goal primarily is to tell the stories of the Men and Women who serve.

When he isn't photographing the military, Matthew is working on his fine art photography project, Galactic Warfighters

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Take a look at behind the scenes of "Women speak" photo project #Supersheroes.

#Supersheroes is a project by Lithuanian grassroots movement Women Speak.Women Speak recruited 5 women, who currently are staying at Vilnius Crisis Centre, to pose in a photoshoot dressed as superheroes.

The goal of this project is to show that women, who choose to leave their abusive partners, are strong and inspiring: they can become role models for other women, who still are suffering violence and abuse.

Una foto publicada por Moterys Kalba (@moteryskalba) el

Una foto publicada por Moterys Kalba (@moteryskalba) el

Una foto publicada por Moterys Kalba (@moteryskalba) el

Una foto publicada por Moterys Kalba (@moteryskalba) el

Una foto publicada por Moterys Kalba (@moteryskalba) el

More about the project: goo.gl/Gt8ypY

Text and video via  nanook.lt

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One half of the Magic City’s hottest power couple, actress Gabrielle Union rules both the big and small screens in BET’s Being Mary Jane and the Sundance smash The Birth of a Nation.

Una foto publicada por Randall Slavin (@randallslavin) el

Una foto publicada por Gabrielle Union (@gabunion) el

Una foto publicada por Gabrielle Union (@gabunion) el

Photographer Randall Slavin (website)

Check out the full cover here! oceandrive.com/gabrielle-union

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On this new show I will review for you some weird Lenses that can work on your mirrorless cameras for photos and videos.

I received this box from MEYER-OPTIK-GÖRLITZ and inside is the new trioplan 100mm 2.8 for E mount

They sent it so I can review it for a month. MEYER-OPTIK-GÖRLITZ recreated this lens with a kickstarter campaign that got more than 359 451$

The first Trioplan was released 100 years ago and this new version is based on the original plans of the lens.

Conclusion :

The trioplan is not made to be a realistic lens, it’s more like a creative tool,
Some people will not like the soap bubble bokeh and the general look of the lens.

And if you dont like it, dont buy it,Ask me what kind of lens you want me to review for the next episodes.

Discover more videos on my chanel !

you can help me doing more cool videos reviews by visiting my Patreon page .

Here are some photos for you to see in high resolution.

  This article and all the images were originally published on Mathieu Stern´s blog (here) and shared with his permission

About Mathieu Stern:

Free-lancer, I am shooting viral videos about photography, travel and many other subjects

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Today we have the honor to feature something special " The Federation of Black Cowboys". Written by Mr. Damn Ugly,  also known as Brad Trent  (website), we hope you enjoy with this master class:

This was one of those situations that shows you never know where the flow of your career is gonna take you. Andrew Horton…the Creative Director at The Village Voice…asked if I wanted to shoot some Black Cowboys…in Queens. The Federation of Black Cowboys is a group of urban cowpokes whose goal is to promote knowledge of the “Black West”. Their Ponderosa for the past two decades is a ramshackle stable just off Conduit Boulevard in Howard Beach, but recently their membership has dwindled to around 20 die-hards and now they face losing the license agreement for the stables. Andrew and I wanted my portraits to capture a gritty, iconic essence of what it is to be a Cowboy…and we also agreed that our touchstone style should be an homage to Richard Avedon’s In The American West. So off to Queens we went…

Unlike Avedon, I wasn’t going to drag out the 8×10 and set up a North-Light studio in the shadow of a barn…

Instead, we decided to make a huge wall of soft light by putting up the biggest lights I own…

The only problem is, when you fly a 79″ parabolic light in 25mph wind as we had that day, the shit hits the fan awfully fast. Even with over 100lbs of sandbags on each 50lb Matthews Stand, it was like trying to hold down a racing sailboat in a Regatta! But I didn’t care…Kaz had to deal with it…

But our basic setup was pretty similar to Avedon’s…a simple white seamless set up on the North side of one of the stables…

And here’s how things turned out…

Arthur “J.R.” Fulmore…

“Mama” Kesha Morse…

“Mountain Man” Ellis Harris…

Even though we had always conceived the shoot as a high-contrast Black & White series, we still wanted to see how things looked in color…

…but in the end, the B&W was just too strong, and here’s how it looks in this week’s Village Voice

Thanks to Andrew for giving me the opportunity to hang with some real cool cats…and special thanks to J.R., Kesha and Mountain Man for opening up the stables to a Dude from the City…

 This article and all the images were originally published on Brad Trent´s blog (here) and shared with his permission

About Brad Trent:

I'm a Canadian in New York who shoots people. But what exactly is Damn Ugly Photography?!!...read the rest of the story here

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