Filming cinematic b-roll is important for your videos BUT making sure you approach filming b-roll with a story focused method is equally as important.

This Symbol On Your Camera Explained! What Are Film Plane Indicators

Ever noticed that interesting marking on your camera body and wondered what it is? ZY Productions explain why that marking is there in today's video!

Portrait Photography: Why Empathy makes you Better (feat. Tommy Reynolds)

Our friend, photographer Sean Tucker made a video a couple of years ago saying that it's a great idea for serious portrait photographers to go and get their portraits taken, because it gives them empathy for people who sit in front of their lens on a regular basis.

Photoshop for car photography (GT Polonia car show)

Learn how to use photoshop for cars when shooting at car shows and car events.

8 Awesome Accessories For Nature Photographers

One typical question Steve Perry receives in his e-mail box is about which accessories he uses regularly when he is out in the field. So in this video, he put eight amazing accessories for nature photographers.

While in Berlin our friend Marc Falzon had the opportunity to meet Hannes Wanderer. He is the owner of Peperoni Books / 25 Books, a well respected photography book publisher.

TAKE STRIKING LIGHTNING Photos Now! - 5 Secrets to take photos of the lightning

How to take photos of lighting easy. It's thunderstorm time! Let's get out there and shoot some. Our friend Pierre T. Lambert is sharing his tips to take better lighting photos.

In this video, our friend Udi will go through the bread and butter of interview lighting - the three-point lighting system. At first, he will break it down, then he will show some small additions that can make a lot of difference.

Behind the Scenes "Lifted Up Fitness X Elinchrom"

Take a radical behind the scenes look at our Fire and Color shoots with the beautiful Lizzy Zupancic featuring the new ELB 500 TTL! Lots of love went into this one, thanks to everyone who helped make it a reality!

9 Ways To Take Better Photos for Instagram (With Any Camera INCLUDING YOUR CELLPHONE)

In this video, Daniel Sanchez will share his top 9 ways to take better photographs with any camera so you can level up your Instagram game. These are tips you can apply even with a cellphone. Just remember these tricks and you'll be on your way to become a better photographer! Enjoy.