There are two worlds of photography (1. on line only and 2. professional–covering many genres), and print is important no matter which world you find yourself in. Daniel Milnor discusses why it's important to print your work, how it helps you edit more effectively and some tips for printing your work.

Remembering Robert Frank - One of the most acclaimed photographers of the 20th century

“Photography is that way. The longer you work on it the more likely you are gonna get good pictures.”
- Robert Frank

The BEST Lenses for Portraits

In this video, Mango Street take portraits with a whole slew of lenses! Check out how the different lenses affect the look of the portraits.


It's almost 10 years since Kai W  first started working at Digital TV, a long period of time during which he got a lot of experience.  If anyone of you want to be successful with your photo or video work, Kai hopes with these tips he can give you a helping hand.

iPhone 11 Pro Camera Review for Photography

From Japan, Joe Allam talks about the new iPhone 11 Pro, more specifically about the photography modes and the camera.

Stop Being a Perfectionist

I've been stuck in a creative rut for nearly a year. - said Ryan Kao -  It's taken a while, but I've finally decided to let go of my perfectionism and start doing what I love again.

Convert your 4x5 Camera into a Compact Darkroom Enlarger

In the first part of their guide series on the Intrepid Enlarger they will cover everything you will need and how to get set up to begin making prints in your darkroom space.

Bringing Peel-apart Instant film Back to life

ONE INSTANT is a next-generation peel-apart instant packfilm, currently being manufactured by hand in Vienna, Austria. Co-invented by SUPERSENSE and Uwe Mimoun, crowdfunded with a successful Kickstarter campaign, and available for pre-order at

Peter Lindbergh was the only German in the select group of photographers who have found international acclaim in the worlds of fashion and advertising.

Vacation can be a troubling time for those with a photography problem. So how does one go on vacation, unplug, relax and enjoy but still walk away with something photographic? There are tricks. - said Daniel Milnor - Let me explain.