Wex go behind the scenes with filmmakers, Peter Hutchinson and Toby Hart, as they head to Bali, to shoot a short promotional film for a surf camp.

What a difference 5 years can make. Reconnected with Ben Von Wong after meeting him as a budding photographer in 2012.

My Street Photography Philosophy (in Rome with the Fujifilm X-T20)

I was always nervous about street photography because I had this idea that true street photography was shooting people up close, and it would inevitably lead you to get yourself into conflict situations. However, I think over the past couple of years I've found a style of street photography which suits my personality better.

www.afterthedream.org is an initiative launched by Philippe Echaroux in order to raise the awareness of the young generations to the environmental…

Agoraphobic Traveller

Jacqui Kelly suffers from a panic disorder that makes it difficult to leave her home. But that didn't stop her from seeing the world.

Why Blockbusters Are Spectacularly Boring

Most Super Heroe Movies and Action Blockbusters struggle with a compelling narrative. But some don't, here is scientifically why.

Three Dramatic Black and White Processing Techniques

Blake Rudis has been producing Black and White images for as long as he can remember.  Actually, like many photographers, he started out shooting only for Black and White.

With nearly 20 years of Black and White processing, you'd think I couldn't learn much more right? - said Blake-

Cheap 'n easy Day to Night Timelapse tutorial

Day to night timelapse or holy grail timelapse tutorial. It doesn't have to be hard, let us show you how to do a holy grail timelapse the easy way. Matthew Vandeputte has written down the workflow a bit lower in this description hoping that you would see his other social media channels and would come say g'day.

Travel portraits tip that no one talks about

When it comes to travel photography, few people discuss where the subject's eyes should be looking. Does it make a difference? What's the impact?

Tube light-painting: How to make yourself invisible

Pretty much every day Eric Paré is being asked about how is that possible that he is not visible in his pictures. There's no magic here, you just need a few tricks, and this is what they explain in that video.