Photographer Daveed Benito is creating captivating images using his Sony A7rii, flashlights and some basic defusing tricks. Ranging from cheap $1.99 flashlights to $20 tactical zoom flashlights he can focus colors to specific areas of the set and the subject.

Travel photographer Bob Holmes answers viewers' questions: In this short (5 minute) episode, AYP Show talks inspiration, Instagram and lighting with award-winning photographer Bob Holmes. Don't miss his answers!

Bright Clean Commercial Lighting

In this Cinematography Lighting Breakdown, LensProToGo is going to take a look at a Brightly Lit Clean Commercial Shot. They will talk about the setup and Gear used as well as some problems we ran into.

Photoshop Color Matching Technique

In this tutorial Russell Brown will demonstrate a classic technique to match colors in Adobe Photoshop.  He discovered this technique in the beginning of time and it is still just as helpful today.

5 MUST KNOW Tips when Working On Set

A Grip is one of the most important and underrated jobs on set, so today Film Riot look at 5 tips every grip should know!

Follow the rituals of travel photographer James Bowden from inside his Van

From inside James’ van we can follow the rituals of a travel photographer. We are a passenger on his voyage, sharing in his moments of pause, stillness and reflection as he chases down moments, giving a greater perspective to what it means to travel.

How to Retouch Environments in Photoshop

Learn how to clean up any environment in a few simple steps.

How to fix a dent/ding in your reflector

Scott of Shom's Photography explains a simple and easy way to fix a dent/ding in your reflector using a spoon.

Experience Holy Week in Spain, the annual Catholic tribute of the Passion of Christ. The brotherhoods carry massive thrones through the streets to prove their devotion.  The next video is the behind the scenes commentary of Brandon Li´s short film Thrones of Semana Santa.

Adventure Photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj shows you 5 easy DIY Photography Hacks. How to get a cheap DIY Beautydish, great DIY Bokeh Background or a DIY Tripod for less than 10 Bucks.