REVIEW: APPLE iPHONE 8 Plus Camera (Lok tests long exposures, slow mo, 4k 60fps & vlogging)

Lok has an Apple iPhone and has been testing out the features of the new camera. The camera tests start at 5:19 mins

Deconstructing Cinematography || Blade Runner by Geoff Boyle/Nic Knowland

Here we have Geoff Boyle and Nic Knowland taking a look at Blade Runner. Deconstructing the film and some of their favorite shots. A real masterclass.

6 Ways to Take Better Portraits with Reflectors

Basically, the job of a 5-in-1 Reflector is to give you a few different options to diffuse and bounce light. The inner surface of these reflectors is almost always a diffusion panel, meant to have light shine through the light before it hits your subject. The outer surfaces come in a variety of colors – usually, you will see gold, silver, white and black. Each of these will bounce light in their own way.

iPhone 8 Slow Motion vs $30,000 RED Camera

The iPhone 8 & 8 Plus feature Apple's A11 Bionic Chip, Wireless Charging, Improved cameras (dual camera + portrait mode on the 8 plus), iOS 11 and more!. In this video Jonathan Morrison shows a iPhone 8 Slow Motion 240 FPS Camera test vs a $30,000 RED Epic-W Camera!

Filmmaking can be done on a budget, lets see what we can do with inexpensive gear and household items.

What is a Focal Reducer (Speedbooster, LensRegain)

What is a focal reducer and how do you know if you really need one? And, which is the better focal reducer - the Metabones Speedbooster or the Aputure LensRegain?

Today on The Slanted Lens, they are discussing how to create Rembrandt Lighting for low key portraits.

VLOG like Lok - Tips on Cameras, Accessories, Technique

Sharing what I've learned through the years! How do I vlog without a flip screen? Do I use manual settings or auto? This is all about how I do what I do and you can do too! - said Lok-

Nikon D850 Hands-On Field Test (In Bend, Oregon)

On paper, the Nikon D850 is one (if the not the most) impressive digital cameras ever made. Paper is one thing, in the field is another. So Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake went to Bend, Oregon to see if this is really the new gold standard for DSLRs.

Vlogging without a flip out screen is tough but with this vlogging mirror/monitor, you can see the screen of your camera! The Vlogging Mirror is a device that works with cameras that have a flip up not out style screen.