Had an awesome time filming this smooth coffee B Roll collab with Peter McKinnon , in this two videos Daniel Schiffer  break down some of the transitions and more.

Hey guys in episode 2 from my Light, Shadow, and Hi-light series I will take you behind the scenes from this image, I will break down the lighting setup one by one, I will go through the camera gear used so you can easily recreate this look in your own style, think of it as a great starting point. If you would like to watch the video covering all of this click below.

Edit Or Not To Edit That's The Question - Story Behind The ´Approaching Shadow´ By Fan Ho

Hello photography fans! Today I would like to talk about an iconic image, Approaching Shadow, taken by master photographer Fan Ho. I have already talked about his life and photography in my previous video, so feel free to check it out if you are more interested in Fan Ho and his life.

How to shoot cinematic tech videos like apple

In the past years, not only have smartphone video capabilities got a lot better, but the way these companies communicate and showcase their products to us has also improved hugely, creating this immediate feeling of “I want that” as soon as you watch one of their ads.

Studio Portraits with Neon Background Effects

In this video photographer Gavin Hoey shows you how to add neon style shape to the background of your studio portraits, with a little help from Photoshop.

Hollywood’s favorite photographer: Tyler Shields

Tyler Shields is former professional inline skater, photographer, screenwriter, and director. Recognized as “Hollywood’s favorite photographer,” Tyler creates stunning contemporary works featuring many prominent celebrities such as Lindsey Lohan, Nathan Fillion, Emma Roberts, and many others.

How to Match Color Between Images in Photoshop

Today PHLEARN shows you how to match the color between two photos in Photoshop! Learn how to compare areas of light and dark, match highlight and shadow levels, and color tone an image to perfectly match any reference photo.

Starting a Photography Project  by Daniel Milnor

Daniel Milnor reaches out from the road to talk about starting a project. Specifically, WHY you want to do a photography project.

Black & white images and street art photography go together like two peas in a pod. But they both can be very challenging, even for experienced photographers.

Lightroom: Master the Tone Curve

In this video, Mango Street take a deep dive into Lightroom's Tone Curve.