The Best Manual and Vintage Lenses for Video

Filmmaker Brandon Li thinks manual lenses are great for video shooting. They have character and take the edge off a digital image.

The History of American Photography

Marc from the Analog Process is gonna be covering the history of modern American photography,  including various influential artists from the late 19th century all the way up to about the 1970s. Let´s watch the first part.

The ultraportable Mavic Air features high-end flight performance and functionality for limitless exploration. iPhonedo does a complete comparison between new DJI Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, and Spark.

SUPER RESOLUTION: Get More Megapixels! (Free Photoshop Action)

Get more megapixels by just stacking a bunch of pictures together and running Tony´s  free Photoshop action (available at

10 Landscape Photography Tips I Learned from Peter Lik

Here are some tips on landscape photography I learned from master photographer Peter Lik. Enjoy!

Polarizing Filter In Portrait. How To Remove Glare From The Face.

Polarizing filter - perhaps the only filter whose effect cannot be simulated in Photoshop. Cutting a polarized part of the light with a filter, you can make the sky darker and more saturated. The light reflected from the dielectric surfaces is also partially polarized. It helps to photograph pictures behind the glass, objects under water or animals in the terrarium.

BEST Overhead Camera Rig For UNDER $35!

In this video we are learning how to make an overhead camera rig for under $35. Overhead shots look super awesome and can be used for unboxings, overhead explainers, cooking tutorials or anything else that requires a overhead shot!

How to take stunning PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY in camera - No EDITING needed

Watch as Ed Gregory shows you how to shoot commercial Product Photography tutorial correctly while eliminating the need for editing.

How To Make a TRAVEL VIDEO - 10 Tips you need to know

With your trip just ahead, it's time to learn how to make a travel video with any camera. These are Christian LeBlanc´s top 10 tips for making a cinematic and engaging travel video of your upcoming adventures.

Probably 95% the photographers create fences in their photographs you can't get into. Learn how to use them correctly with the help of Clyde Butcher.