The Importance of Retreat for Creativity

Sean Tucker shares the importance of taking retreats in order to refresh inspiration and generate ideas, as well as sharing the story of how his YouTube Channel began and the role one personal retreat he took for himself led, to a revelation which helped set the tone for these films going forward.

How the SIGMA fp Camera is Being Built

The SIGMA fp camera is now shipping and cinema5D had a chance to get a closer look at the full production line. They hope you'll enjoy watching this short tour as much as they have enjoyed filming it!

Una Pura Vida: Following Your Photography Passion feat. Documentary Photographer Daniel Milnor

"Una Pura Verdad": A Simple Truth - is a Photographic narrative of documenting the West in New Mexico. The film gives an inside look at a long term project by photographer Daniel Milnor. Daniel wanted to film a mini-documentary about the project, showing his process with the passion and fun he has finding his images – often quite unexpectedly.

Fujifilm XF-10 vs Ricoh GRiii - Is the price justified?

Since Mattias Burling started shooting with the Fuji XF-10 he gets asked almost daily to compare it to the Ricoh GRIII. Given that they are from two completely different tiers among compact cameras
Mattias decided to make a quick matchup in this video so he doesn’t have to keep talking about the Ricoh in the actual review of the XF-10.

How To Film Slow Motion Boudoir Videos

Michael Sasser is finally ready to share most of the tips and tricks in his boudoir videography course. He wants you guys to get out and start shooting video!

Steve McCurry - China with the Leica SL2

Steve McCurry has been traveling and taking photographs for almost 40 years. He decided to have China as the first place to thoroughly use the Leica SL2.

"Joker" cinematographer Lawrence Sher explains the impact color has on film. Using several of his films as examples, including The Hangover, Joker, Garden State, and Pula, Sher explains how hue, saturation, and light affect the mood, style, and story of a film.

How Martin Scorsese Directs a Movie

In this video, StudioBinder let Martin Scorsese teach you about filmmaking without having to pay for an expensive masterclass. Martin Scorsese Filmmaking has been ripe for film analysis, video essays, and filmmaking theory alike, but we think it’s better if you hear it from him first hand.

POWERFUL TOOL for Editing Landscape Photos In Lightroom

One of the little hidden gems in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC for editing landscape photos is the range mask. Take your photos from good to GREAT by using this simple, yet powerful, tool!

10 TIPS to Improve AUDIO in Your Videos

Today Parker Walbeck gives you his top 10 tips to getting clean professional audio.