Catalog photography (including cosmetic photography) on a white background, is a popular genre of product shots. By creating paths around our products with automation, we can get away with using one key light and avoid technical issues like flare in a small space, typically because by a nuclear white background. 

So little time, so many Lightroom tools to master! Lucky for you, Lightroom Ambassador Michael Aboya is here with a new #InALightroomMinute! Learn all about the differences between Texture, Clarity, and Dehaze and sharpen those skills. 

Finally a video about the much requested Rolleiflex 2.8f White Face.

Today PHLEARN shows you how to color grade a collection of images in seconds using the Color Grading Tool in Lightroom Classic!

BEWARE OF SPOILERS...for those of you who have never seen this classic movie. Kubrick was one of Tavis Leaf´s biggest inspirations when he first picked up a camera, so it's great to dig deep into his amazing compositions. In this video, you'll see tons of excellent compositions and learn how he created them. You'll also learn how they worked with colors, dynamic symmetry, and many other exciting things!

The seven-film directors who changed cinema forever:

1. D. W. Griffith
2. Charles Chaplin
3. Walt Disney
4. John Ford
5. Alfred Hitchcock
6. Akira Kurosawa
7. Steven Spielberg 

One of the questions Nigel Danson gets asked more than another is how big you can print a certain megapixel camera. So in this video, he took an entry-level full-frame 24MP camera with kit lens and pitted it against a 45MP full-frame with the top-of-the-range lens. The results are surprising.

Let's continue the full-frame vs aps-c discussion. Topic of today: Dynamic Range. Joris Hermans puts two cameras side by side and shares why results are sometimes very confusing and surprising. Hope it helps if you're looking to buy a new camera.

Ditch the old way of editing black and white images! In this video, Pye walks through a new advanced way to edit black and white photos for maximum tonal control and dramatic effect in just 7 steps.

Holy moly, what a fantastic morning! In this video, Mads Peter Iversen will delve into probably the most important factor in the relation to your own photography, longevity. It is more important than anything that you actually like your own photography for a long time, being proud and satisfied with your work. It is more important than settings, camera model, any kinds of trends, and so forth. It requires a lot of introspection and honesty with yourself. In the video, he also gets one of his favorite 2021 photos!