In this week’s episode, Mark Denne discusses changing 4 habits that’ll improve your landscape photography. We all have them, some good, some bad, but we all develop habits over time that shape how we do things. 

This is a bit different for the channel, but being that I'm newly in the NFT space. Mike Gray thought it would be great as a photographer to spread the word about NFT's to those who are unfamiliar. Or inspire photographers who've been wanting to explore the space to do so! 

So far, Jerry Ghionis has covered the basics of posing anyone. But, when it comes to photographing a couple that is noticeably different height-wise, you can end up with some images that accidentally accentuate this fact. Also, it can affect the overall composition.

 Learn how to blur any background using Photoshop's new Depth Blur Neural Filter! Can we really get the look of a shallow depth of field in just a few clicks? Let's see how this new, automated tool holds up, and how we can use some traditional Photoshop tricks to refine the effect.

Review of the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro. This is a great camera with one serious problem.


In this video photographer Sean Tucker talks to Josh Edgoose about his approach to street photography. He is known for his colourful images of lighthearted candid scenes and in this interview he shares his approach and philosophy for catching these compelling shots.


DPReview TV compare two of the best full frame landscape cameras available today – the Sony a7R IV and the Nikon Z7 II. Find out which one is best for you!

In this video, Ashley Boring breaks down the Law of Reflection. She also demonstrates how to use it when taking portraits of subjects with glasses.

Large format photographers who work with antique Petzval lenses know the hassle. You get a pretty new brass lens, but there are no Waterhouse stops included. “Hey I don’t care, I shoot anyways wide open all the time” some might say.

The best way to sharpen photos in Photoshop. Colin Shares a powerful Photoshop tip to help you get much better sharpening results. Learn 3 different ways, Smart Sharpen, High Pass and Unsharp mask with a sneaky twist.