3 Basic Techniques for Lighting Everything

Director/Cinematographer Matthew Rosen demonstrates 3 cool techniques for lighting everything, even mirrors, and glass.

Cinema Film Look in 90 Seconds

Learn how to achieve a Cinema Film Look in 90 Seconds. It's not hard! Just apply the 3 Steps shown in this Video with your Camera and in Adobe Premiere.

Milky Way Selfie Flash Tips and Equipment

Learn some tips on creating images which include yourself in the foreground. In this video Michael Ver Sprill  talks about his 2 current methods to achieve this effect and which one he loves the most!

How to Make your Pop Filter for SUPER CHEAP

A longtime friend of Indy Mogul, Simon 'The Phantom' Monk, does a quick and extremely cheap DIY pop filter tutorial.

Here Ed Gregory has 11 great portrait photography tips and tricks that you can use when shooting headshots on location.The video was shot in the Bahamas so its a really beautiful location and fun little photography video. In the video you will see he say 13 but he counted completely wrong oops.

Lightroom: Creating Advanced Smart Collections

Lightroom tips and tricks in 60 seconds or less from longtime Lightroom team member Benjamin Warde.

3 Step Color Correction in ACR

One of the most common questions Blake receives is "Blake, how do I color correct my photos". For the longest time, he avoided this question like the plague because color correction can be done in so many ways. There are automated methods like selecting the color temperature and even simpler, pressing auto. However, these prescribed methods don't always produce the most accurate results and can sometimes make your image look worse than it did before you started.

BTS video for the May 2017 cover of Men's Fitness with Riker Brothers photographers.

Peter McKinnon had an absolute BLAST with this one! Audio and sound design in your videos, films etc is SO IMPORTANT. It's often overlooked and forgotten about. or avoided!

Why Michelangelo Antonioni is the Master of Compositions

Michelangelo Antonioni is considered by many cinephiles, critics, and filmmakers to be one of the greatest directors of all time. His mastery of composition is particularly praised.

This video essay explores Antonioni’s geometric approach to composition, one of many features which helped his films leave an indelible mark in cinematic history.

Text, image and video via Fandor

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