Orton Effect for Street Photography - A Step By Step Tutorial

If you're familiar with landscape photography, you have probably heard of the Orton Effect, which owes its name to the photographer Michael Orton.

Magnum Quarantine Conversations: Martin Parr & David Alan Harvey

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has resulted in most Magnum photographers being restricted in their movements.

As part of a broader photographer-led response, a new series, Quarantine Conversations, will see Magnum photographers in frank, and unedited dialogues about work, current affairs, and everything in-between.

Studio Lighting Tutorial: Giant Studio vs Tiny Room

Having a large studio space is the goal of many portrait photographers in the world, or at least most of us who like to experiment with lights and have no limits imposed by low ceilings, columns or walls.

The coronavirus is now a part of our current lifes. Even when you do not see this virus it is all around us. Markus Hofstätter started a new wetplate art project with this thought about the covid19 topic.

 #selfisolation – In this tintype you can see the symbolic C for the coronavirus in the tree and also the limited image circle creates a C between the tree and the sky.

Watch the following video to see how he accomplished that:

How to take EPIC SELFIES

Photographer Mads Peter Iversen will share how he makes his epic selfies. As a professional landscape photographer, he often travels on his own and if he wants to take a portrait photo of himself, or use himself as scale in the landscape, he uses this technique.

Capturing Cutlery Photography with 1 Light

Reflective products, in general, present a unique obstacle, and with cutlery, you can make use of a convenient approach. By extrapolating the angle our camera looks at our subject, we can place a corresponding light behind our scene.

How to make PANORAMA photos with Lightroom and Photoshop

It is easy to make panorama photos with adobe photoshop. In this video, Mads Peter Iversen will show you how he usually stitches together a panorama photo. No matter if it is a panorama containing several rows and layers or just a vertical panorama the workflow is the same.

How Moe Zainal uses Flash for Car Photography (ft. Alex McKenzie)

In this tutorial, Moe Zainal is going to show you how he uses Flash or Strobe in his car photography & a walk through the post-processing techniques in Lightroom and photoshop.

What is the purpose of a portrait?

Aristotle put forth the notion that we judge how ‘good’ something is based on how well it fulfils its intended purpose. So what does a good portrait do that a bad one fails to? What should a photographer aspire to achieve when they make a portrait of someone?

Guard Hope

The Coronavirus is sweeping the globe, turning all our lives upside down, and it just felt a little silly to keep making videos on photography and ignore the situation when we are all stuck at home trying to self isolate. So in a break from his normal videos, Sean Tucker thought he would put out something simple (no ads, or music, or b roll, or photos), just a chat with you, humbly sharing some advice which has helped me in dealing with everything that's going on, in the hope that it helps you as well.