Serge Ramelli explains his 10 best tips on how he made it as fine art photographer. Sure these tips can help you to make it faster if you want to become a fine art photographer.

5 Photo Composite Tips in 90 Seconds with Rikard Rodin

Here’s the new video from Advancing Your Photography: 5 Photoshop Tips for Amazing Photo Composites! with Rikard Rodin – a master with Photoshop Composition as you’ll see. Here's a quick version of that video where they cover all 5 tips in 90 seconds!

4 Easy Steps to Film a Short Documentary

What are the essentials to a documentary, and how are they achieved? Today, Griffin shares his experience making documentaries and breaks down the 4 basic and fundamental components to documentaries!

Cinematography: Matte and Reflective Product Lighting

Product lighting and cinematography is a necessary skill for any commercial cinematography. However, not all products and brands are the same, so you need to be able to tailor your lighting style and production design to each brand, as well as each product.

Laws of Light: How to Light Glass

Learn from the next episode of our Laws of Light series on 2 quick setups on how to light glass.

6 Still Life Pictures With A Large Object

The COOPH team shows you tips on how to be creative with still life photography involving a large object. Using the new Leica CL, we try out a variety of tips and tricks that will give your sets a more original look and feel.

Portrait photographer Peter Hurley gives 5 quick tips on taking better headshots. Peter talks about the importance of keeping things simple and making sure your subjects look confident and approachable in their photos. Check out the video for more great advice!

10 NEW Photography Ideas in 100 Seconds

In today's video Hayden Pedersen will be smashing out 10 new photography ideas in only 100 seconds!

Fan Ho - The Great Master of Darkness

Today YFM Street Photography would like to talk about photographer who is said to be one of the most influential Asian photographers, Fan Ho. Who won over 300 awards over a span of only 20 years.

Brendan Barry: The Camera Maker

The Camera Maker features large format photographer, lecturer and camera builder Brendan Barry as he uses some of his handmade cameras to create prints on Direct Positive paper as well  as making black and white paper negatives on location in the beautiful Dartmoor National Park, an abandoned air control tower as well as in his studio.