How I Price My Commercial Photo Shoots by Chase Jarvis

Katie wants to know if she should offer pricing packages for her commercial photography. The answer is HELL TO THE NO (and Chase Jarvis gives some suggestions on how she should think about pricing).

DIY GoPro Suction Cup Mount

In this video, Kyle Martin shows how to make a DIY Suction Cup Mount for your GoPro or Action Camera. This is an cheap way to get a low profile and powerful suction cup mount.

Delete the Crowds from Your Travel Video (without fx)

Have you ever traveled on vacation to a popular spot and wished you could make it look empty in your travel video? Tips to create the illusion without visual effects. In Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Crank Juice Box Kickstarter | The Battery For Every Creative

This project was a partnership with Crank Tools and RGG EDU. RGG EDU worked on the design and capabilities of the Crank Juice Box to work with all Macs, PC's, prosumer cameras like the C100, Go-Pros, Phones, USB devices, flashlights, and is even powerful enough to jumpstart your car.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying & Fitting a Photo Backpack

What are the four things you should ask yourself before purchasing a photography backpack? How do you properly fit a backpack to your body type? How do you properly pack a backpack?

Bouncing Light Refined

In this episode of The Breakdown Miguel will show you a modified version of the lighting he used in his "Bouncing Light" tutorial that he uses to create a natural light look in the studio!

Camera Approach Hacks for Fashion Cinematography

Today, Ted and fashion cinematographer Kazu Okuda take us through 5 camera techniques that will take your fashion cinematography from good to great.

Working with Animals On Set

In this video, Jay P. is talking about how to effectively work with animals on set, today on The Slanted Lens!

A 2-Light Beauty Portrait Using Affordable Photography Lighting

It's not all about the cost of your photography gear!

Map Zoom to Sky Effect – Fake Drone Video Transition Effect

In this video editing Premiere Pro tutorial, Tutvid will take a look at creating a fake drone zoom in/out transition effect that is much like the GTA map zoom out effect.