Convert your 4x5 Camera into a Compact Darkroom Enlarger

In the first part of their guide series on the Intrepid Enlarger they will cover everything you will need and how to get set up to begin making prints in your darkroom space.

Bringing Peel-apart Instant film Back to life

ONE INSTANT is a next-generation peel-apart instant packfilm, currently being manufactured by hand in Vienna, Austria. Co-invented by SUPERSENSE and Uwe Mimoun, crowdfunded with a successful Kickstarter campaign, and available for pre-order at

Peter Lindbergh was the only German in the select group of photographers who have found international acclaim in the worlds of fashion and advertising.

Vacation can be a troubling time for those with a photography problem. So how does one go on vacation, unplug, relax and enjoy but still walk away with something photographic? There are tricks. - said Daniel Milnor - Let me explain. 


Mirrorless is the future? The DSLR is dead? Kind of a funny argument when it comes down to it. Photography has grown a lot over its short history. One of the greatest things about it is that no technology ever replaces what's come before it.

5 SIMPLE steps to MASTER composition in Landscape Photography

Composition in landscape photography can seem a daunting task. With this video, Mads Peter Iversen breaks it down into 5 simple steps you can choose to follow to master composition.

ARRI Amira VS Blackmagic Pocket Compact Camera 4K! REALLY?!

Today The Slanted Lens really compare the David and Goliath of cameras with the Blackmagic Pocket 4K going up against the ARRI Amira to see if the Blackmagic Pocket cam could be a decent steady cam shot when on set using the Amira!

8 Film Developers, Field Tested Over 6 Months

Denae & Andrew tested ten different black and white developers on four different film stocks using the same scene to compare the differences between those developers.

2 easy tips to improve your outdoor portraits!

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation with a busy background that is distracting or doesn't add to the image at all. In this case, Jeff Carpenter was at the park and the background wasn't all that great, but the rock his model was sitting on looked pretty cool.

Street Photography with Film: Kodak Tri-X (feat. Mavis CW)

In this video Sean Tucker sit down with his friend Mavis CW who shoots street photography using her Leica M6 and Kodak Tri-X.