Taking bad photos as a photographer is scary but important. Today our friend Pierre T. Lambert is taking you on a photo shoot at a waterfall in the Philippines.

How Focal Length Affects Your Car Photos

Which lens should you get for car photography? What is the optimum focal length to use when shooting cars? Shall you go with a wide lens or should you go with a long lens?

Panasonic G1 - The first mirrorless camera 10 years later

Chris and Jordan from DPreview review the first mirrorless system ten years later. This the camera that started it all: the Panasonic Lumix DMC G1.

Through a Different Lens: Alec Baldwin on Stanley Kubrick the Photographer

Before he was a famous filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick was a photographer for Look magazine in New York City. Serious Kubrick fan Alec Baldwin reflects on the influence of Kubrick's years as a photographer on his work as a motion picture director with Donald Albrecht and Sean Corcoran, the curators of "Through a Different Lens: Stanley Kubrick Photographs."

Product photography Tutorial - Perfect LIGHTING means no PHOTOSHOP

In this product photography tutorial Ed Gregory walks you through a 4 light setup thing you exactly what each studio light does.

Simulate an Endless Background - Shoji screen setup

In this video you will learn a little hack that you can use with a shoji screen (also called Spanish Wall) to turn it into a seemingly endless studio. So far, Michael was thinking of his screen as a kind of instant v-flats, just with a nicer look. But now it is getting much more versatile.

How To Make Your Own Light Leaks!

Want to spice up your videos? Make custom light leaks or flares! This technique only requires a camera, a light source and random objects!


Today Pierre T. Lambert is sharing 7 Lightroom tips that will drastically improve your editing on Lightroom. Faster better stronger!

Is expensive gear "worth it" ?

If you watch his videos, it is not anything new that Daniel Norton always uses Pro equipment. He get at least one comment, if not two, sometimes a dozen on videos about how:

The Nikon D700 in 2018 - A Cheap Professional Full-Frame Camera

While most people are in line for Nikons first mirrorless full frame camera, Mattias Burling decided to checkout the ten year old D700 instead. It is an extremely affordable Full Frame camera with pro features. And it definitely holds up by todays standards.