HELIOS-65 : This Lens is so rare that there's no adapter for it (Swirly Bokeh)

Some vintage lenses are rare, some are Ultra rare like the Prototype Helios- 65, a lens that was produces in 1965 in Kiev.

Creating Soft Light In Small Spaces

In this episode of The Breakdown Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles demonstrates a simple way to get soft, beautiful light in a small space!

Shaping Light with Flags

Learn how to shape, modify, and control light with flags, nets, and silks. Perfect for portrait and studio photography!

Panasonic GH5S Hands-On Field Test

The Camera Store were surprised when Panasonic announced the GH5S shortly after the GH5 rocked the video world. Boasting the return of the multi-aspect sensor and hugely improved low light performance, but lacking the built in stabilizer, the GH5S is an interesting camera.

Here are 9 tips and rules of composition that you can use in your landscape photography.

3 Tips for a Professional Green Screen Look

I would consider this a MUST WATCH video. Green screen is used from blockbuster productions to amateur projects, and is easy to learn but difficult to master. Let Fletch Murray walk you through some easy steps you can take to make sure your green screen looks great, and save some time on post production!


Street Photography - Today Pierre T. Lambert is sharing his street photography tips in Tokyo Japan - what settings to use for street photography and what gear. How to approach images you want to capture.

Flash Settings for Real Estate Photography

Speedlight and monolight settings as starting points using the flash-ambient blend method.

Natural light vs Off Camera Flash CHALLENGE ft. Jessica Kobeissi

In this video, Jessica Kobeissi and Manny Ortiz photograph the same model using different techniques. She uses the natural light available in the studio while Manny Ortiz uses an off camera flash as his main light. He is a fan of both styles and think all the images look great!

Light Painting Car Interiors (Full Walk-through Photography Tutorial)

This is my first try to shoot car interiors, I used ice light 2 to light paint the car's interior & ended up with 8 different exposures that I blended in adobe photoshop, enjoy!