If you’re new to retouching, this video will help you get started with retouching and color correction in Photoshop. If you’re an experienced retoucher but are curious about how Mark makes creative decisions while retouching, this video will give you insight into his process. 

Thanks for checking out this analysis of The Revenant and cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki. Learn tons of design and composition techniques that you can use in movies, photos, paintings and more!

Have you ever wanted to make your own portable V-Flat at the fraction of the cost?  No Painting Needed and uses Foam Board. Here is her step by step tutorial on how she made her 40"x40" White and Black V-Flat.  The trick is the tape hinge she uses that allows you to fold it up and take it on-location or organize your studio.

In this video,  Mango Street go into depth discussing what makes a photo striking and stops them in their tracks. Try implementing these elements when planning out your next shoot!

In this video Sean Tucker talks about using the camera to overcome our insecurities and our perceived flaws by engaging in vulnerable self portraiture.

It's important to have a good workflow when processing and editing your images. Let us take you through a look at Marc's new course where he shows you how he processes one of his images in Lightroom.

Why do some colour combinations work so well? How much colour is too much? How can you control colour in your shots when you can’t control the scene you’re shooting?

How to hide wrinkles without expensive softboxes or gear. DOZENS of easy simple ways that cost almost nothing and sometimes don't even require lights! Grab a pen, sit back and be inspired by this epic video on smoothing out skin and making yourself look 20 years younger without soft boxes and stupid ring lights. Great for fashion photography and anyone wanting to look flawless. Enjoy!

 Dan Watson never thought he would say this but Adobe Enhance has eliminated the need for high resolution cameras!!! These High ISO tests will blow you away.

Tony & Chelsea Northrup compare the 8k video capabilities of the Canon R5 (http://sdp.io/r5​) against the Sony a1 (http://sdp.io/a1​) to find out which produces the best results for eye autofocus, sharpness, cropability, low-light & high ISO, dynamic range, rolling shutter, handheld sensor stabilization, overheating, recording times, and raw.