In this episode, Joel Grimes teaches you how to take incredible portraits without lots of expensive gear.  He shows you how to work with the available light, supplement it with a single light, and create dramatic Rembrandt lighting, easily! If you want to make your portrait dramatic, this tutorial can help you! 

In this video Sean Tucker gives you some practical advice for being more intentional about the colours in your images, and how to limit your colour space in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop using the Hue, Saturation and Luminance tool (or HSL sliders). He also gives you examples of complementary and analogous colour schemes from the world of cinema, and talk about what we mean when we say we are trying to achieve a 'cinematic look' to our photography. Share this video on if you found it helpful.

The relationship between man and dog is unlike man’s relationship with any other animal on the planet. When it comes to animal photography you can find many books, online lessons, or YouTube videos showing you and teaching you how to photograph animals – so they look like animals. 

Jay P. Morgan compares Peter McKinnon's Polar Pro, B&W, Syrp and Tiffen variable ND Filters. Let's see if those pricey Peter McKinnon filters are worth it compared to some of the less expensive options. Is there a good variable ND filter out there?

Dpreview puts the new Sony a7C to the test in their hands-on review! Learn about important differences between the a7C and the popular Sony a7 III.

Making films is a creative pursuit which requires money. In cinematography, having a larger budget means having more control over creating images, although that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to make films with little or even close to no resources.

In this video, they analyze 3 films with 3 vastly different budgets to show some techniques you can use to shoot with depending on your budget level.

List Of Films Featured: 
Relics (2017) 
Blue Jay (2016) 
The Lighthouse (2019)

0:00 Introduction
0:41 No Budget: Relics
2:58 Indie Budget: Blue Jay
5:01 Industry Budget: The Lighthouse
7:44 Conclusion

Former soldier turned photographer, Alison Baskerville, talks about gender, conflict and the impact war can have on the men and women serving on the battlefield. Exploring gender equality, military occupation and female identity in the forces, plus the long-term consequences of armed conflict, she recalls her experiences photographing wars in the Middle East.

Here's a look at his retouching workflow and how James Quantz Jr tries to raise the level of his work - after capture! 

Photographer Stan Moniz shows you the camera gear, camera settings and editing tips necessary for time lapse video. 

The Sony A7SIII, ZV-1, FX-9, and RX0 II can be stabilized in post using Sony's Catalyst Browse software - and it's incredible. You can shoot handheld footage that looks like a gimbal. But is it perfect? Watch these real-world tests to find out.