How To Get Shallow Depth of Field for Portraits

Some tips on how to get shallow depth of field for portraits.  It's all about the focal length of the lens, aperture, and distance from camera to subject.

The Only LENSES You NEED and Why it's a MISTAKE...

Discover why Pierre T. Lambert thinks there is a better lens choice as a travel photographer shooting portrait, street photography, and landscape photography.

How to film rotating videos with a smartphone

Want to make your smartphone footage more creative than ever? Well you don’t need an expensive camera rig to do it! To get crazy rotating shots, all you need a drill, a wooden block, some tape and a phone! COOPH will show you how.

Digital Cameras: Sensor Size Comparison for Photography

The Slanted Lens are going to take a look at four different sensor sizes and compare their photos' depth of field, image quality, and grain structure.

The Evolution of Autofocus - Canon EOS R vs Sony a7 III vs Panasonic G9

Three cameras with three different autofocus systems. Gerald Undone compares the technology behind The Sony a7 III with a hybrid system,  the Panasonic G9 with a contrast based system and the new Canon EOS R which uses Canon´s famous dual pixel CMOS autofocus.

How to Mix Audio for Video

Join AB and Doug as they discuss the different challenges and techniques faced when recording and mixing audio for video. They cover topics such as equipment choice, EQ, compression, room acoustics, and more, and there are in-depth demos with screen captures that show how to go from an initial draft to a completed product.

High Angle Shots: 3 Towering Types of Camera Angles

In today’s video, StudioBinder explain a high angle shot definition and they show you the best high angle shot examples that range from subtle to extreme, and they break down when you should use one of the most versatile shots from you list of camera angles.

7 Secrets To Get SHARP Photos For The Rest Of Your LIFE!

7 Photography Tips to take better photos, sharp photos and how to focus on your camera. Today, from Paris, our friend Pierre T. Lambert shares his 7 secrets for taking better sharper photos in street photography or portrait photography.

In this episode, Mark Wallace demonstrates how to use natural light to create high contrast "grunge" portraits; this is a technique that anyone can duplicate by using open shade, shallow depth of field, and creative post-production.

iPhone XS vs CINEMA Camera - Can you spot the DIFFERENCE?

See how the new iPhone XS video compares to a cinema camera that shoots in RAW. Can you see the difference between the iPhone XS Video quality and a $10,000 Cinema camera the Canon C200?