In this video, Sean Tucker shares some practical advice on printing, selling, sequencing and designing your own photography books or zines. This video coincides with the release of his own Collection IV, which is the latest version of my own self-published annual book of photography. 

Lindsay Adler creates both a high key and low key beauty image using 2 strobes and the exact same modifiers. The only differences? In one shot she used a reflector, and in the other, she added grids while changing the position of the main light. In truth, it’s really pretty minimal changes with really dramatic results. 

Today Phlearn shows you how to use the 5 most powerful selection tools in Photoshop! Selections help us cut people and objects out from their backgrounds, combine multiple images together, and make edits to specific things in a photo. 

But getting an accurate selection can be tricky without the right tools. Learn all about Select Subject, Select and Mask, Select Color Range, Channels, and the Pen Tool to master selections in Photoshop!
Download the Sample Images:

0:00 - Introduction
0:42 Quickly Remove Backgrounds with Select Subject
1:51 Change the Color of Anything with Select Color Range
3:58 Cut Out Hair with Select and Mask
9:07 Precisely Trace Any Edge with the Pen Tool
13:38 Cut Out Clouds with Channels

In this tutorial Jay P shows you 5 portrait lighting positions using window light. This Laws Of Light video will show you how to create a variety of looks using one natural light window source.

Why does my flash take so long to recharge? Today Mike Smith quickly shows you what recycle times are in flash photography and how it works.

A recurring question that most photographers and filmmakers ask ourselves is "Which camera is the best? ". We do not realize that it is not the right question. We must ask ourselves, Which is the best camera for our style or type of work? 

In this video, Daniel breaks down their process for organizing, culling, editing, and exporting a photoshoot as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

In this brand-new video, the COOPH photographers show you how to change the size of people in your images in order to tell new stories and create unique compositions. 
Check out the eight creative ideas they came up with - from the ultimate lens cleaner to coffee cups that finally are the right size!

Filmmaker Jakob Owens is going to break down an invoice to a client. How it should look, how you should send it, and everything in between.

There is no day that goes by that I don’t think how fortunate I am that I didn’t listen to all the people who told me that it was impossible or thank the people who never believed in me. I want to shake the hands of the people who doubted me kiss the cheeks of the ones who rooted for my demise. Thank you to the doubters, the cynics, the none believers, and the skeptics.  We measure success in numbers in eye balls and in the weight of the masses that follow you.

 Thought carries no weight you cant measure an idea when you dedicate your life to something its not work, its not even effort, is flows through you like the oxygen you require to exist.The weight of the masses charges you a hefty price. The penance if your creativity.