Tools EVERY Cinematographer Needs

Every filmmaker has their own unique set of tools in their ditty bag. In today's episode of Ask Aputure, Los Angeles cinematographer Julia Swain shares with us the 5 essential tools that she always brings with her on a movie set (plus three bonus items!).

How Star Wars was saved in the edit

A video essay exploring how Star Wars' editors recut and rearranged Star Wars: A New Hope to create the cinematic classic it became.

Behind The Scenes of PARALLAX by Philip Edsel with the RX0

Photographer and director Philip Edsel was commissioned by Sony to create a motion piece that put their all-new RX0 camera through it’s paces. The result is Parallax, a reference to both the physical perspectives with which the camera was used and the frenetic nature of relationships between two people.

Control the Contrast in Beauty Portraits: Shaping a Model's Face with light

Join Daniel Norton OnSet in his studio in New York City as he demonstrates a simple technique to control the contrast in beauty portraits using the angle of your flash.

Using candles as a source of light for portraits is an exciting idea but it comes with some problems. Slow shutter speeds and unflattering light on your model are two pitfalls photographer Gavin Hoey will demostrate and resolve in this video.

iPhone X vs Note 8 vs Pixel 2 vs the Hasselblad X1D. It's closer than you might think!

How OK Go Made the World´s First Paper Mapping  with 567 printers

Watch the making of Music Video “ Obsession" where a determination between "OK Go", the Award-Winning Creative Band and "Double A", the World-Recognized Paper Brand put together to bring about the phenomenal World's First Paper Mapping

COOPH presents 10 fun and easy DIY photography gifts you can make at home. Simply grab your favorite photos, get creative and give someone special something they’ll love!

Since it's inception, Brooklyn Aerials has been lucky enough to revolutionize a handful of shooting techniques. We pioneered the dolly-zoom (aka. 'Vertigo-effect') and extreme roll movements on the drone, pushed drone lighting into a new realm and captured NYC in new ways that haven't been seen before with our pieces STREETS and MOMENTS.

Our latest piece, VORTEX, explores the streets of NYC yet again and uses the first handheld gimbal that is capable of 360° barrel roll moves: Freefly Systems MoVI iPhone gimbal.
In BALANCE we used the roll effect on helicopter and drone to create a feeling of uneasiness and confusion, within a space and city that we are all familiar with (in some way or another).

How Peter McKinnon makes a video - START TO FINISH!

Every Tuesday, Peter McKinnon makes a two minutes video with tips and tricks about photography and cinematography, but today he wants to do something different: Learn how to Peter makes his videos, from start to finish.