These six in-camera transitions will make any simple edit a cinematic masterpiece. Give each of these a shot, and let me know how it goes. They are quick and easy to do.

Which video light should you buy?

Who makes the best video light? Here's seven different lights that film maker Potato Jet has owned and used over the years. The Mole Richardson Baby LED, Westcott Flex 1x2, Aputure 120d, Dracast LED panels, a HMI, CFL Light, and the Arri 650 Tungsten light. Which looks most natural and clean? Which video light should you buy?

Doctor Strange: The Avengers Photoshoot

I’m sure Faroni Cosplay is at the moment one of the most watched Finnish cosplayers. A few months back he won the Finnish Edition of European Cosplay Gathering 2018 (ECG) competition and is heading next month to France to represent Finland. It was his AMAZING Doctor Strange costume that gave him the victory, and when you see the images you will understand why!

Lightroom Workflow to Take You from Beginner to Pro

Tutorial of a full Lightroom CC Classic workflow for data management, presets and export.

What Are C-Stands?

Follow along on the blog for some more info about C-stands and how you can use them to streamline your lighting and grip setups.

Beauty Lighting Breakdown for Film

Ever wanted to make your subject look like they were in heaven? This is how you can get that 'God light' effect. Morgan Freeman's voice not included.

9 Portrait Location Ideas in 90 Seconds

In this video, Mango Street give you 9 ideas for your next portrait shoot in locations you can most likely find close to where you live.

5 Basic Audio-Mixing Techniques for Editing Video

The importance of well-mixed audio in a video project can’t be overstated. Dialogue, ambient noise, sound effects, and music all need to be mixed together properly to enhance the viewer’s experience.

5 Best Nikon Lenses for Full Frame

These are the 5 lenses that Kai W  thinks are worth investing in for Nikon FX DSLR shooters!

In this episode, Mattias Burling gives five examples why people might end up on his street photos. There are of course many more but these are some basic things that he looks for when nice light, interesting moments and scenery is taken out of the equation.