100,000 Subscribers: What it means to Sean Tucker... and for your own channel.

Sean Tucker crossed over 100k subscribers a few months back and the silver play button just arrived, so he decided to make a video sharing his story with you, and why this milestone and the growth of this channel means so much to him.

How to make your photos POP with these Photoshop Tricks

Learn how to use photoshop to make your car photos & any other photos stand out with these Photoshop tips & tricks.

How To Bulk Load Film

How to bulk load film.  This tutorial demonstrates loading 35mm bulk film into reusable cassettes.  You can save money loading bulk rolls of film.

Reduce NOISE by A LOT in ANY Drone and DSLR Photo

Noise reduction is an essential part of upping the quality of your photos. In this tutorial, Mads Peter Iversen shows how you can greatly reduce or remove noise and keep the sharpness of any photo, by taking multiple photos and stacking them in Photoshop.

Aqueous Photography Tutorial: Create Amazing Photos Using Milk

Being creative is what still life photography is all about. The world of special effects photography, paint, powder, liquids, and so on, can be a difficult thing to enter. Not many of us have a room in which we can freely throw paint around.

STOP Taking BAD Phone Photos NOW!

Today Pierre T. Lambert is sharing how to take better photos with your phone. In 2018 phone cameras are better than ever! Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone for photography it doesn't matter. What matters is the app you will use to take your phone pictures and how you edit.

5 Reasons You Should Use a Telephoto Lens for Landscape Photos

Shutterbug teamed up with Jay P. Morgan of the Slanted Lens  for this tutorial on why a telephoto zoom lens is great for shooting landscape photos.

Jordan Matter´s Outrageous TUTU CHALLENGE with Kamri Noel & Dance Moms Stars

Fulfilling a promise Jordan Matter made to his fans, Kamri Noel photographs him for a new segment: The Tutu Challenge! Dance Moms stars Lilly and Ellie join in the pandemonium!

Bokeh PANO: How to do the BRENIZER METHOD

In this video, Eric Floberg teaches you how to do the Brenizer Method or how to make a Bokeh Panorama. It involves dad jokes, photo skills, and electric skateboards.

Create Star Trails From Just One Photo in Photoshop

Hey guys, in this fun tutorial Nemanja Sekulic will show you how to create a star trails from just ONE photo in Photoshop.