Kai W‏  has been bashing away the Nintendo Switch a lot recently. But for $350 for console and a game (not many games to choose from) the jury's still out on whether it's a good purchase...but what new camera can you get for that kind of price?

The Photographic Rules David Bergman Likes To Brake

David Bergman shows how he breaks three top photo composition rules.

Add Color to Your Gray Background with Photoshop

In this Short Tutorial Video, Jeff Rojas demonstrates how to add color to an otherwise boring gray background with Photoshop.

Commercial photographer and Hasselblad Ambassador Ming Thein took on the challenging light conditions of the Thaipusam festival with H6D-100c. A perfect scenario to test a medium format camera in the street.

How to Take Better Portraits in Direct Sunlight

Talented commercial photographer Lou Freeman discusses the best solutions for modifying natural light when shooting in full sunlight.

Video via Marques Brownlee

My TOP 5 TRAVEL TIPS for shooting on the road!!

These are Peter McKinnon´s TOP 5 TRAVEL TIPS when travelling anywhere around the world with his camera gear. These travel tips apply to photographers, cinematographers, anyone who brings camera gear with them abroad.

Awesome Lightroom Tip for Cameras without Built-in GPS

Adobe's own Terry White shares a kick-butt tip for instantly tagging the GPS location to your photos in Lightroom for shots you took with a camera that didn't have GPS built-in. Simple, and quick.

No limits, Nathan Elson shares this behind the scenes shooting studio and natural light.

Laws of Light: Creating Dimension and Texture

On this episode of The Slanted Lens, Jay P. Morgan will learn about creating dimension and texture in your photography and videography. It's the next in their series of The Laws of Light. The application is important for anyone in video or photo. Take a look and let us know what you think.