6 NEW Portrait Photography Ideas in 120 SECONDS

Henbu explains six  NEW Portrait Photography Ideas in 120 SECONDS that you've never seen before.

How to Shoot Action Images by Using Godox AD200Pro and AD600Pro

Volodya Voronin is an action adventure and sports photographer, mainly focuses on extreme sport. Sometimes he gets to dangerous places like mountains and abandoned buildings and works in some harsh conditions. For him, ease to use and compact flash units from Godox were a good choice for these conditions. In this episode of Godox Photography Class,  he will show you how these super cool images full of actions were all shoot using the Godox AD200Pro and AD600Pro.

It can be easy to get caught up in all the technology of photography and forget the power of simplicity, both in what you show in your images and in the equipment you use to capture your shot. Daniel Milnor give his advice for capturing powerful images that tell your audience a story.

The BEST Tool for SHARPENING Your Landscape Photos

Perhaps one of the more sought after qualities of a great landscape photo is overall image sharpness and clarity. This is evident in the cameras and lenses being produced today as the photographs coming straight out of modern cameras are sharper than ever, but these details can be enhanced even further using specific post processing techniques.

How to shoot motion blur portrait with continuous LED light and Flash

Combining flash and continuous light in photography can result in stunning cinematographic images. To merge the motion blur, as we know it from movies, with super sharp elements of photography, you will need to know how to set up your studio lights.

Develop a Negative Film at Home with Photoshop!

Easily Develop a Negative Film with Photoshop in 3 Simple Steps! In this tutorial, we will start by learning how to take a picture of a negative using your camera or smartphone and things lying around at your house.

Breaking Down Composition in Landscape Photos

Composition is one of the hardest subjects in landscape photography. In this video, Mads Peter Iversen will be breaking down some of his best photos from the Faroe Islands in 2019, that he has yet to show, and comment on the composition, light, atmosphere and share other thoughts on the photos. Analyzing your own landscape photography photos is a great way to learn!

MacBook Pro 16-Inch: A Photographer's Review

Apple finally made the update the MacBook Pro that professional creatives have been asking for. Tyler Stalman benchmarks Lightroom, Capture One and Photoshop.

STOP UPGRADING YOUR CAMERAS! A Landscape Photography Debate

Whether you're a professional photographer, a hobbyist, or someone who likes to take photos on the weekends, one of the largest purchasing decisions you can make in photography is upgrading your camera. It's easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour of the latest and greatest version of your current camera, but does it always make the most financial sense to upgrade - that's the question.

My favorite filmmaking lens! Sony 35mm f1.8 Handheld + Gimbal Tutorial

Detailed tutorial about how filmmaker Brandon Li gets cinematic results only with his favorite lens: the 35mm f1.8 lens.