Create Beautiful and Attractive Eyes Full of Detail with Photoshop! In this tutorial, PiXimperfect will show how 5 techniques to retouch eyes and make them significantly attractive.

Add 3 Stops of Dynamic Range to Any Camera!
You can add three stops of dynamic range to any camera with this technique. 4k, 6k, 8k, and 12k won’t really improve your image that much, by increased dynamic range will! By using graduated ND filters, you can maintain detail in your Skys and your foreground subject.

How Ansel Adams Revolutionized Landscape Photography

Billions of pictures are being posted and shared on the internet every day. There are more cameras than people in the world nowadays. Photography is something we take for granted; something we can easily do whenever we want. But it wasn’t always like this. On April 10th, 1927, a photographer climbing to the Diving Board in Yosemite just reached the destination to photograph the Half Dome. After the all-day-long hike with his heavy tripod camera, Ansel Adams only has two glass plates left to take exactly two shots to capture what he sees. He carefully composes and takes the shot. But then something happens.  He realizes the camera is not going to capture what he is feeling at that moment; how he visualizes the shot. With the last plate in his hands he makes a decision.

The Truth about Becoming a Professional Photographer

Sean Tucker shares his journey to becoming a professional photographer, and how he learned to balance the work he did with a camera to make a living, with the art which gave him so much personal fulfillment.

Discover your style of analog photography with Joe Greer as he talks to COOPH in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, about his top 7 tips for shooting film. In this video, you’ll learn the importance of following the rules… your rules.

How John Woo Intensifies Action

Today, Nerdwriter1 explains the action stylings of John Woo. Tarantino was just so influenced by Hong Kong cinema, that he explains that John Woo was like a hero to him.

Improve your Photography LIGHTING Skills How to Create and Light a Fine Art PORTRAIT

In this video, Jiggie Alejandrino tackles the basics of creating classic fine art portraits. It begins with the type of backdrop you choose. The quality of the light you will use and what type of posing fits the image you are trying to create. This is a step by step video aimed for photographers looking to improve their Portrait Lighting skills.

A7S III Honest Review - ALL the GOOD & BAD in 11 min!

Max Yuryev reviews honestly the new Sony A7S III. And yes, it overheated.. IBIS, Battery Life, Rolling shutter, 4K & 1080 Quality, Codecs, Lowlight, & Much More!

Brian Bowen Smith

A few years ago, Brian Bowen Smith got a treasured gift from a dying man named Bob. It was his 1958 Ford F-100, now affectionately named Pearl. Smith and some friends are now zigzagging across the country, traveling from Los Angeles to New York and back, snapping photos of what America looks like during the pandemic. Having overcome many hurdles, Smith is sure Bob is watching them.

In this episode Sean talks you through the apps he uses for mobile editing on his phone, including image editing, adding borders, sharing and back up.

This is the second of a 2 part series sharing  Sean Tucker´s minimalist, pocket setup for street photography.