Probably 95% the photographers create fences in their photographs you can't get into. Learn how to use them correctly with the help of Clyde Butcher.

Matthew Kemmetmueller Shooting Tethered High-Volume School Photography

Working in high-volumes and need to shoot fast? Shooting tethered can help streamline your workflow, increase efficiency, and lead to more sales on-site with the ease of reviewing images on your laptop.

There are so many aspects to making great videos and beautiful photos. One of the things we spend the most time on is the editing part.

The Clone Stamp Tool, love it or hate it, it’s fantastic!

I have conducted many tutorials that in some way shape or form involve the Clone Stamp Tool, but I don’t think I have ever given my “down and dirty” practical tips for it. Recently I created a course called Photoshop foundations: Cleanup Tools, and it focuses on all the primary cleanup tools in Photoshop. - said Blake Rudis-

Sample of shoot/Gold Card Explanation

In this tutorial, Rob shows you how to use a gold card to push light into the liquid for creating awesome beverage images.

iPhone X: A Photographer's Review

The iPhone 10 which will forever be known as the X,  it is the most expensive and the most beautiful iPhone ever made. Tyler Stalman makes a depth iPhone X review & camera test from a professional photographer's perspective.


You are a photographer and you're interested in the video world but you have no idea where to start. Let's talk about seven different things that you need to know about the video world coming from a photography background because there's some really big differences.

There are a few ways that you can build up tension in a movie scene, through camera work, through pacing, and probably most commonly through music. Evan Puschak uses Spielberg's Munich to show how sound design can structure a scene and affect what you see.

3 Handheld Tips for Smooth Cinematic Shots!

How do you get smooth cinematic shots without a gimbal or Glidecam? In this video, Sidney Diongzon shows you 3 different handheld tips for filmmaking so you can produce those smooth cinematic shots!

Garry Winogrand has some very crooked horizon lines in his street photography, but does that mean he should straighten them? We'll find out why not in the video! Tavis Leaf Glover  thinks he's got a great eye and captures some very spontaneous moments.