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11/29/2010 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Yann Chatelin is a painter and urban calligrapher, specialized in painting large scales and composed sizes. Yann evolved from graffiti writing to traditional painting mediums including acrylic and Chinese ink. He then swopped his spray cans for the Persian calligraphy bamboo pen, the Qalam Ney. Yann currently lives in Morocco and has worked with Arabic lettering for the last 6 years, deconstructing and reinventing its curves and lines. He also had numerous exhibitions in Marrakech and Casablanca.

Alexandre Dupeyron is a photographer and light painter. He has traveled the world for the past 6 years using his camera lens to capture the essence of each cityscape he encountered. Light painting, however, is his chosen artistic expression. Alexandre arrived in Singapore in 2010 and expanded his practice photographing Asiatic culture. This led to his fascination with the beauty and forms of Chinese sinographs. Alexandre's eye for composition and his sensitivity to an ever-changing environment earned him exhibitions in many places. He exhibited most notably a large work on the Darfur conflict in Sudan at The European Council (2006) and The World Centre for Peace in Verdun, France (2007).

Both artists strived to achieve perfect synergy in order to be inspired by, and to react to, the elements of their specific environment. This is the convergence of more than four years of experimentation and exploration as they continue to realize their artistic visions.

By vueprivee