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DSLR Meetup AMSTERDAM with Philip Bloom

12/13/2010 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Men, if you like your DSLR, you HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO. GREEEAT.

A real fantastic DSLR event, December 11 2010. Not only my first live encounter with Mr. Bloom himself, but with so many passionated Video/Photographers. (Two boats about 70-90 total!) Please join us all again at Amsterdam Beach 1-1-11 noon in Cafe Rest: Haven van Zandvoort. Just come no need to book or ring!​content/​home.asp?

Camera's used: Panasonic GH13 on SteadicamJR, Sanyo Xacti HD2000 + Fish eye Century by hand and Nokia N8 with ringlight!

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The Glockenspiel (Xylophone) player enjoys his passion also like Daniel Hayek in 40 years! See him in slomo-action 1 year ago same time:​8170735

by Jan van der Meer