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Gao'An Faces

1/27/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Gao'An Faces is an experimental emotive portrait collage collaboration between motion artist Abram Hodgens and photographer Tim Franco.

My desire was to showcase the individual's personality and personal expression; for the actor to let loose and emote freely. The lighting that Tim devised captures a raw honesty and intimacy in the subject's faces. Their expressions invite the viewer to personal interpretation and reflection.

For more photos from Tim Franco's portrait series, please visit:​galleria/​demos/​fullgaoan.html

Direction, principle photography, & editing: Abram Hodgens
Lighting & camera setup: Tim Franco
Models: Sarah Hodgens, Tim Franco, Abram Hodgens, Justin Bratton, Jennifer Du, Nic Myer.

by inMotion

Abram Hodgens is an American designer/animator who specializes in motion graphic broadcast design and computer animation. After working in Shanghai, China for 2 years as creative director for Keyframe, he is now taking time to travel and focus on freelance work.