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Jose Flores | Habana Estudio | Interview

1/13/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

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Habana Estudio is Jose Flores a very popular and amazing photographer in Puerto Rico. He is our ISO 1200 photographer.

ISO 1200: Hi, Jose. Could you explain what kind of photographer are you?

Jose Flores: I am a Photojournalists I like my pictures tell a story

ISO 1200:Ok, and we take a look to your amazing pictures, and the question is how do you get it?

JF: First I put my heart into all I do, I like to be careful with lighting, because photography is light and I do not  retouch my pictures, they are natural.  Maybe I can retouch a 5% that all pictures need, because the camera can not feel as the human eye.

ISO 1200: Do you think that to be a good photographer you need anything special?

 JF: You only need have an eye for photography and an equipment  that it makes you feel comfortable, of course I prefer always Canon, jaja.

ISO 1200:About your camera, what do you use now? And do you think that is important an expensive camera or/and expensive lens to get nice pictures?

JF: I have  three cameras, (1) 1D Mark IV and  (2) 1D Mark III  and a  40 D as backup camera,  I think to take a nice picture you can use any camera, but to get amazing pictures you need the best camera and lens, because this equipment have a better image quality, for example I bought 1 D Mark III in  2007 and today the image quality  it is better than a  5D or 7D .I bought the 40D  in 2007, but it is not enough to me  when I use high ISO as Mark III, you know what I said.

ISO 1200: What is more important for you, the camera or the lens?

JF:Both, and the better is  L series from Canon.

ISO 1200:Please, what is your favorite lens?

JF: 24/70 f/2.8 Canon

ISO 1200:Sorry, but in your video you use a Canon 10-22 mm, why and how do you use it? Because many people think that is not good to shoot  portraits

JF:This lens 10/22 f/3.5 Canon , it is not a L Lens but you can transform a small place in a big and beautiful scene but the problem  it is only compatible with 40D cause it is not a full frame lens.

ISO 1200:What kind of light diffusers do you use and why?

JF: I use the Gary Fong reporter Flash Diffuser, first because it gives me freedom to move and it is better than other diffusers like umbrellas, and you have to believe me, his assistants appreciate it. I combine this with Quantum Turbo 3 battery and I have 3000 shots and  it is light and reliable. With this combo you have not problems with strong air like with umbrellas.

ISO 1200:In the video, You use a very high aperture, 20 and 22,why?

JF:In this specific shoot I used a high aperture because when I took the pictures it was high noon sun. I only use 2.8 it is an emergency, I do not like to diffuse the backgrounds, it is not my style, I try to mix the place and the subject, then I need a great DOF and usually I use f/4.5 and up, of course the optimal aperture it is 5.6 and up. But I need more time to explain this.

ISO 1200:Could you tell us what is your favorite picture and why?

JF:In this shooting  I love the picture of  fake rain falling on the model, it was a hard job, no hacks, only a professional spraying equipment.
The sun did not help us, and I had to use  the flash on full power, and of course I got the picture, but the flash, booom, exploted, jeje, but that it is a part of a funny session.

ISO 1200:How do you found your incredible locations?

JF: Many times I have a lucky day and casually  I found it and sometimes suggestions of friends.

ISO 1200:What is your favorite photographer?

JF: Mike Colon

Oh, a great choice , Jose,  thank you very much.

Now some Jose´s pictures: