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Lily Aldridge by Chris Colls for Vegas Magazine

1/09/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Today, we present another classic photographer, Chirs Colls   that works to Harper´s Bazaar, Vogue, GQ or Cosmopolitan.

The video is a new upload by Nardeep Khurmi   about the Behind the Scenes of the Lily Aldridge cover shoot for Vegas Magazine.

Here you have the most important frames.

 We have three lights, a big profoto octobox as key light on the righ, a beauty dish on the top, and another profoto  down on the left as fill light.

I supose that with this light Chris removes the shadows of the face ( for example behind the eyes).
He get a clean image. Also use a gobo on the left to remove flares.

About the model, Lily Aldridge, in this picture you can see the position in the background. She is not close it.

Chris put the light very close to him to get a frontal light.
 Here we have the lights boom.
 Take a look to the light before and after.

And this is the final image. ( link  from this blog ). This image has copyright.

Here you have the full article in vegas magazine.

Chris got a clean and beautiful image. To know more about Chris Colls you can visit his website  or to read this interview in