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Photojournalism and Photography Techniques: Tips From Ed Kashi

1/16/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Award-winning photojournalist Ed Kashi joins us today on the Marc Silber Show to share tips on advancing your photography. His photojournalism work has covered a wide range of global issues and been featured in magazines such as The National Geographic, TIME, and Newsweek. Ed sees himself as a long-form visual storyteller and dedicates himself to telling stories of social or political significance.

He often refers to the phrase "candid intimacy" for his work - people often look at his work and ask "How do you get so close to the people, but make it look like they don't know you're there?" When a photo achieves "candid intimacy," the observer is able to see into the soul of the subject. It is tough to achieve candid intimacy, especially when people are adverse to having their photos taken.

More and more of his work is being shot from his hip or his shoulder, to avoid provoking people who are not favorable to the lens. Sometimes the best magic appears in images that are shot without staring into the viewfinder. Ed emphasizes that it is crucial to maintain an open heart and open mind, instead of settling for what one sees on the surface. Cameras are a passport into another world that you would never experience otherwise.

by marcsilber