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Commercial Photogrpahy from Comp to Finish-A Lighting Lesson

2/20/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Jay P. Morgan Photography.
I have been shooting Advertising Photography for many years now. The thing that sets an Ad Photographer apart form other types of shooters is shooting to a comp. In advertising photography I am often handed a marker drawing and asked to create this drawing as a photograph. The placement of copy and headlines have all been predetermined in the comp and my job is to bring the comp to life. Not all assignments are like this but many are. Many times we have all the elements from backdrops to clothing created so that they will match the comp. Some say its not very creative but I disagree. Its a superb challenge to take a comp and realize the vision of your Art Director. When I combine my style with the Art Directors vision very cool things happen. It sends you down paths that you may have never traveled before. I shot this on the Hasselblad H2 with a P30+ back. For lighting I am using Hensel strobes all the way now. They are small and deliver great power. I never thought I would change but seeing the Hensel Porty packs changed my mind. It was a great shoot.

by Jay P. Morgan