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Photomonkey Interview.

2/07/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Today we present to Ole Kröger ( Photomonkey) that he surprised us with an amazing video about paintball.

He is our new ISO 1200 Photographer.

Iso 1200: Hi Ole

Ole: Hi Mat

You are an original photographer, How did you began to shoot paintball?

Not too shure knowing what you mean by an “original photographer”, I am telling you the story anyways. :)
I played paintball for a couple of years – not really on a professional level though - and later on finally practised with my home team from Berlin. Not yet being able to play on their level I wanted to be on the field nevertheless. Hence, I went inside the netting with my camera. The story is really as mundane as that. I stopped playing paintball on a tournament level before I even really started, and still increased my time standing on professional paintball fields with the best players in the world.

You have to shoot quickly but you get amazing pictures, What is your secret?

It obviously helps a lot when shooting this fast paced game if you played it before. Only then you know what moves to expect during the next seconds and where the action is going to happen. Knowing what is currently happening on the field also saves you from getting hit excessively, too. Apart from that I can only assume that my "secret" is always trying to get a different angle - be it a physical perspective or an attitude towards what I am pointing my camera at.

Do you use a special equipment to shoot?

My equipment is fairly standard for a sports photographer that close to the action. For example I do not need a 600mm telephoto-lens to get closeups - I can just jog right next to a player of whom I want to collect the light reflecting from his exhausted and strained face. From time to time I use a remote trigger or a monopod as an extension of my arms to put my camera where there is no place or opportunity to lie or kneel in person without hindering the gameplay. A good rain cover is heavily recommended to protect the camera from the paint. My recommendation would be the SS-300 from Aquatech - lightweight, breathable, washable. I do not use a filter in front of the lens for protective reasons though - rather a good insurance before chromatic aberations, reflections and softness.

Did you study photography or are you self taught?

The way I fondle around with my camera and do the post production is entirely homegrown. I went to university to study automotive engineering and that is in fact the field I am working in professionally. In my second life I'd love to take that detour and learn the craft of photography - not because I have the feeling of missing something, but rather to call myself a proper photographer. I still feel too much of a "prosumer" at times. That needs to change.

Your video had a good impact of the  Internet, are you happy?

I am totally happy with the impact. With the video itself however, I have mixed feelings, because I know about all the small but dumb mistakes and glitches I am responsible for while editing and filming. One tends to be overly critical with the own project when investing so much time into it - or at least I do.

How do you shoot your images? (speed, aperture, flash, iso)

Uhm, in most cases I look through the viewfinder and press down the shutter button when I like what I see. No, but seriously, depending on how much depth of field I want or need, and how much I want the movements to smear or to freeze, I chose my aperture, shutter and iso. When shooting in indoor arenas the ASA can get as high as the camera allows me to set it - no matter the noise. Using a flash on the field can be difficult as some players tend to be disturbed by that. I always keep a flash on my belt or in the backpack though for when I want that fill light during ingame-pauses or off the field. The wireless tethered flash trigger of the 7D comes in handy for this.

And of course, if you wanna add something you are free. ( if you want I can add some pictures)

Allright then - on this occasion I want to thank every other fellow paintball photographer for keeping that business that fair as it is and for holding the companionship we share as high you do. It is always a pleasure standing on the field next to you guys. I am looking forward to the upcoming season!

And thanks for your link in your facebook.

The pleasure was all mine! Thank you for the possibility to share my work with other communities than paintballers.