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Understanding the Beauty Dish

3/20/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments


This lesson will help you understand the many uses of the Beauty Dish.
I had the opportunity to shoot Liz Hernandez for her 2011 calendar. She was great to work with. We shot at Jamie Foxx's home which was a spectacular place.

He was very gracious to allow us to have the run of his home. I used the Beauty Dish in almost very shot. I will break down the images form Liz's shoot to help gain a better understanding of how to use a Beauty Dish. We also set up a target on the wall at the studio to illustrate the pattern a dish creates.

A wall will not tell you the whole story. If you want to see how it looks you need to see a face so we took images of Katie Lohmann against a white seamless to see how a dish looks on the face and background. This yielded some every interesting results that are worth looking at.

The images are in the video and also posted on our Facebook page so you can take your time and scrutinize them. We will be putting technical data up on occasion for your review. This will include the photos and the meter reading showing how the dish falls off. I hope you find this interesting.
The video was shot on the Canon 5D, 7D and using Red Rock micro rigs. The Beauty Dish tests were done using a Hensel Beauty Dish.