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Viviane's beauty and Vincent Kos

3/23/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Wow, our friend Vincent can not stop to do amazing BTS videos. Great, another one.

The second collaboration with Vivian, a photo session with different concepts this time, results can be seen in this backstage video.
Want to see the results? This is possible via the links below to see it in high resolution

Photography: Vincent Kos
Videography: Marcel van Beek @
Shoot assistant: Davien Hulsman
Make-up and hair: Erika Nuijten
Model: Viviane @Touché Models
Thank you all for your efforts!

Thanks to Transcontinenta, Multiblitz and Carl Zeiss , for sponsoring various equipment like the Carl Zeiss 100mm Macro

Equipment used:
Various Lighting from Multiblitz and the Carl Zeiss ZE 100mm F/2.0 Macro-Planar T* for Canon

Results can be viewed here!​2011/​02/​daylight-viv.html​2011/​02/​glam-viv.html​2011/​02/​eagle-eye.html​2011/​02/​silver-touch.html

by Vincent Kos


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Thats right, and more is coming up!