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How works the commercial photographer Jay P. Morgan

5/04/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This is a BTS video that we cut for one of our clients. I was not going to post it, because it does not have the teaching aspect that I want our videos to be known for. Several people on the crew thought people would enjoy the video and find it an interesting behind the scenes look at a 2 day shoot for a major client. So here it is.
All of the costumes were created for the Pedia-Sure commercial. They came to us the day after the commercial wrapped. It was a very cool concept. (Kids who do not eat right don't perform as well as kids who do.) Thus the kids dressed like their diets. We had great special effects costumes and talent from the commercial.

On day one we shot the soccer images at a park but also needed several shots of the food kids on white. I decided to shoot under the trees on a white seamless so we would not lose time moving to a stage. Moving 60 people can eat up 2 hours of the day and create more overtime. I emphasize more overtime because there is always overtime. We hired a guy to chalk the lines to create the field.

On day two we shot at a home. (Mom and daughter eating lunch together.) We also needed shots of the little girl on white. Again we decided to shoot in the garage so that we did not have to move the crew.

Lighting was all a mix of strobe and natural light. I will point out a few things that I thought were interesting about lighting on our facebook page. Here is the link.

by Jay P. Morgan (The slanted Lens)