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Travis Jensen: San Francisco street photographer by @acmemade

5/07/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Travis  has no fear approaching perfect strangers to capture mesmerizing portraits throughout the city. Check out his work along with other San Francisco street photographers at

by Acme Made

About Travis Jensen:

Quote:"Though I appreciate and admire photography of all forms, I’m particularly attracted to candid street scenes and street portraiture. I like being out on the street, lurking around and meeting people. The City is an inspirational place for me. I never get bored here.

"For me, shooting on the street is a lot like playing a slot machine, meaning it’s highly addictive and never consistent. Some days I’ll wander the street for eight hours straight and come home at the end of the day with zero images, drained."

"Other days, the machine will start hitting and it seems like every which way I turn there’s a photo opp, like I’ve hit the jackpot. The ups and downs of shooting on the street drives me mad at times, but such is life."

Travis Jensen´s Flickr

Punk's Not Dead, San Francisco

The things men carry inside

Where are you transmitting from?

Officer N. Miller, Oakland Riots, 2010

Chris Pfanner, Dumpster Ollie, San Francisco

Voices In My Head, San Francisco

Four Corners, San Francisco

Passing Me By, Embarcadero Station, San Francisco

Tinkerin' with the Yashica-D