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Using Phase One, 2 of 3: Portraits with a python by Miss Aniela

5/31/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

**PLEASE BE AWARE that this video contains full nudity throughout.**

This video goes behind the scenes to look at a shoot by Miss Aniela, directing and modelling for a shoot with a 9-foot Burmese python, collaborating with partner Matt Lennard. The shoot was done with a Phase One 645DF and P40+ back, and the video describes the advantages to the high resolution of the resulting images for fine-art shows.

Miss Aniela talks about the shoot's intentions and inspirations, with close-up details of the images. It also includes an visual overview of the Photoshop compositing process to one of the images.

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Edited and spoken by Miss Aniela
Photography by Miss Aniela/Matt Lennard
Music by Matt Lennard
Behind the scenes footage by assistant Ruby May

Thanks to:
Phase One
Dark Flow Productions (for location)
Photoflex for lighting equipment
Ken Smith

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