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[FRAMED] Crew finds Hasselblad

6/09/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

So how do YOU pronounce Hasselblad? Seriously, it doesn't matter. Because the cameras are incredible. Besides, just like Matt (aka McBoom) said, it did take pictures on the moon. But what's even better, is that many of these photographers have been in the business for years and were so excited to have the chance to hold a film or digital Hasselblad in their hands.

The crew was in Salt Lake filming future episodes for Season two and they heard about a secret upscale "invite only" Hasselblad event. And they had to check it out and get our cameras in there to give you a peak as well. They even fed the crew dinner. Special thanks to Hasselblad and Pictureline for allowing us to catch a sneak.