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An All Night Binge with Darren McMullen: A Lighting Lesson

7/09/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

I was approached by Darren McMullen of MTV fame to shoot images for his new web site. He wanted a shot of him waking up the day after a drunken binge in a hotel room not knowing what had happened. My thought was to shoot a series of images that show the progression of the night as he proceeds to destroy the place. We light him on fire, broke bottles over his head and sprayed Champagne all over the place. I do say it was a lot of fun. This lighting lesson will show the basic lighting set up that we used for the series of shots. (Go to our Facebook page to see the image breakdown.)
Lots of effects and lighting direction in this one. We used the Kessler Shuttle pod for the film footage. Hope you enjoy.

Darren's website is now live. Check it out.

by Jay P. Morgan (  )

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