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Create a story fashion editorial: Me and my doll by Andraz Blaznik

7/11/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Our friend,  high fashion photographer Andraz Blaznik send us an email with the behind scenes videos of his  fashion editorial project: " Me and my doll" .

Storyline: Shot in London. Our hero is trapped by his own ego where he lives and acts in his own fairytale world. He looks and feels invincible. That is until he meets a very special subject. Even though she is a doll, she manages to shatter our hero's fantasy and pushes him in to the cruel reality of the real world. See how the story unfolds.

Photographer / Creative director: Andraz Blaznik -
Assistant director: Linda Friis
Dress Designer: Aaron Dowie
Models: Kelly Knox, Mikael Angesjo
Make-up & Hair: Barbara Mensah
Assistants: Benjamin Rancic, Katja Starc