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48 Nikon D700 aligned in a circle: The 360 Project - Behind the Scenes ( PART I )

9/27/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

Behind the scenes

“The 360 Project” is an exploration into the crossroads of photography and motion pictures. It is a study of peak dance movements, captured simultaneously by 48 cameras aligned in a circle.

There are two components to “The 360 Project” – “Ballet 360” features ballerinas from Canada’s National Ballet School, “Krump 360” features dancers from Northbuck Krump. The two styles of dance represent polemic perspectives in both technique and origin – one is beauty, the other beast.

The resulting images resemble a type of digital statue – a frozen, peak moment, embodying the essence of each dance form in 360 degrees.


Music / Sound Design – Zelig Sound (
Director / Producer / Concept – Ryan Enn Hughes (​)
Cinematography / On Site Digital – The Big Freeze
1st AD – Darrell Faria
Gaffer – Arash Moallemi
Grip – Cavin Campbell
Makeup – Lauren Fisher
Stylist – Alexis Honce
BTS Video – Barry Cheong
BTS Photo – Melissa Tait
Production Assistants – James Kachan, Eugen Sakhnenko, Pawel Dwulit, Anne-Marie Jackson,
Craig Jewel, Nick Konieczko
Editor – Kyle Wilson
Colorist – Ryan Enn Hughes
Digital Postproduction – Ryan Enn Hughes, James Kachan
Additional Postproduction Support – Scott McIntyre


BJ Albano
Sheldon Forde
Arsène Hodali
Amadeus Marquez
Jamari Ceasar Whittaker

This work was made possible with the support of the Ontario Arts Council’s Chalmers Arts Fellowship.

Additional support provided by Canada’s National Ballet School.

All content © Ryan Enn Hughes 2011.

by Zelig Sound: Composition & Sound

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Wow, what a killer setup! Love this concept and absolutely killer post.

Anonymous said...

Wow, he actually removed the bullet time rig completely manually from every frame in Photoshop?! He could have done a simple roto job in Nuke, Flame, After Effects, Toxik or pretty much any compositing software out there and probably saved several day's worth of extremely repetitive work. And he didn't even use Photoshop Extended's timeline. Oh well, whatever gets the job done I guess.