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Genus ND Filter and use an aperture of 1.8 in full sun

9/06/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

 The newest addition to the Backpacker Studio, a neutral density "ND" filter. ND filters reduce the amount of light entering the camera's sensor (like putting on a pair of sunglasses for your camera). Why would you want to do this? Imagine if you could shoot with an aperture of 1.8 in full sun or have a long shutter speed of 30 seconds in the middle of the day. The Genus ND affects the exposure from 2 -8 stops of light without changing color. for the full post.



What is that odd yellow quality? Is that from the ND filter? You can't get a nice clean clear image dung it? Looks like an old time faded Polaroid

fotografia said...

Debbi, Hahaha...I was intentionally trying to get that "faded polaroid" look (sounds like my experimentation may have thrown a few people off). Trying to focus with an aperture of 1.4 is difficult. But, I'm the kind of guy who shows mistakes as long as I like the image. The idea is to have fun with photography. The ND has definitely sparked some creativity in me the past couple of weeks. mikey