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How to compose for residential interiors (Real State Photography) by Scott Hargis | PART I

10/06/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

 Scott Hargis takes you "inside the lens" of his camera while composing interiors photos. A great video to learn about Real State Photography.

Scott Hargis is my favorite interior photographer, he is a light and composition master that uses flashes to get amazing pictures. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area  Scott has lots of experience shooting really cool spaces. He works throughout the United States.

Scott's work has been published in This Old House, Women's Day Kitchens & Baths, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, Wend Magazine, Bay Crossings Magazine, and others. He's fast, easy to work with, and fun to be around.

View the portfolio HERE.

Videography by Malia Campbell Photography of Seattle, Washington.