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The Edit: How to be a photographer on film in a digital camera world by Ed Wargin

11/08/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

I am a still photographer and I am photographing on E-6 film to tell the story of the Great Lakes landscape before the cessation of film in the next few years. 

I had just finished photographing my way around the Great Lakes and I sent the film off to the lab for processing.

Waiting for film to come back from the lab is the closest thing to being a kid again, kind of like waiting for Christmas so you can rip open that one special present to see what is inside.

Well, three weeks later and the film has arrived. So I thought I would try to capture a little bit of the experience on video - just for fun.

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by Ed Wargin  


Ed said...

Thanks for sharing my project on your blog post today. It is appreciated!


It is a great BTS video. Congratulations. I am sure this project will be great.