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Behind the Scenes with Light Painting master photographer Dennis Calvert

12/15/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Photonmancer Dennis Calvert ( was in town shooting some promo pics for local Atlanta artist DJ Kave and invited me along to shoot some behind the scenes. Filmed using a blend of video and time-lapse.

Came out pretty good but I'll be traveling to Alabama to try to film Dennis at work for a follow-up video! Definitely learned a few lessons on how to capture the process on camera and that ISO6400 looks rough even at f/2.8...

Thanks to Rhythma Dance Studios for letting us shoot into the night at their venue.

Filmed by Zachary Long of FengLong Photography
| Blog: here
Music by DJ Kave "Oasis Remix"

by Zac & Betty FengLong Photography