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Joe Jonas for Trinity Stars Magazine by Photographer Moshe Brakha (Eddie and Buddy Brakha )

1/30/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Joe Jonas behind the scenes shoot for Trinity Stars Magazine.

Born in Israel, reborn in Hollywood and a graduate of the Art Center School of Design, Moshe Brakha has been captivating the creative world with is cutting edge advertising for over three decades.

What began with an album cover for Boz Scaggs “Silk Degrees”, and shoots for Rolling Stone Magazine, Moshe’s print work has been trailblazing the fashion and advertising worlds with celebrated advertising campaigns for Air Walk, Skyy Vodka, Martini and Rossi, Camel Cigarettes, Adidas, Nextel, Best Buy, Terra Chips and everything in between, consistently doing celebrity spreads and covers for Newsweek Magazine, Details, Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair and Conde Nast Traveler.  ( text via )

Still Photographer: Moshe Brakha
Director: Eddie Brakha
Producer: Buddy Brakha
DP/Editing: Shaun Lang

Sure you know some iconic pictures like this:


Moshe Brakha´s website | facebook | twitter | blog

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by Shaun Lang Photography