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Night series: An insight into the Harold Ross’ light painting technique and tips (PART I)

1/08/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

A few days ago I discovered the fine art photographer and light painting master for more than 20 years Harold Ross and his incredible work "Night" reading Lens,  the photography blog of  The New York Times.

In this video Harold Ross creates an animation from the still shots of one of his famous landscape photographs.

© Harold Ross´website

You can know more about this light painting and art photographer and his technique:

About how Harold uses photoshop ( via Lens ):

It’s very basic, stacking the captures up in layers and then masking. But it’s very soft masking. And by doing something with the blending modes, you can easily blend those captures together. It always surprises people how easy the post-production is. 

via  Harold Ross

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