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The Photo Palace Bus In Support of Analog Photography: A mobile studio and darkroom

1/25/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Mission Statement:
To travel across the United States and beyond, documenting the people and landscape and educating public about Analog Photography in order to support Film as a form of Artistic Expression.
Main Goals:
1.     To provide hands on educational opportunities for children and adults alike all across the United States. An engaging Analog Photography curriculum will supplement these activities to create an enriching series of activities to help propagate analog photography.
2.     To chart the “New Americana” by creating a 10,000 negative photo narrative covering all aspects from “Fringe” to “Pop.”
3.     To display works created with various analog photography means along the route in both impromptu and scheduled events.
4.     To unite and spread awareness about analog photographers through a portable showroom and classroom. 

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