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DIY Video Jib / Crane Brackets via

2/17/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The hardest part about building a DIY video crane is in the brackets to support long bars. This is a 'prototype' idea of a DIY Jib Bracket - designed using Steel rectangle tubes and flat brackets.

It assembles with simple bolts and nuts, and because there is no welding involved it reduces time and cost normally associated to manufacture some jibs. Being able to purchase just brackets also means reducing costs for the end user normally from shipping charges (weight + length). Spaced perfectly to connect to common perforated square tubing, or anything you can drill a hole in (wood planks, aluminum square tube, etc.)

If you start with a 1.25" square tube and insert a 1" tube inside, you can create a telescoping jib that expands. The rear of the jib can telescope also when you need to move the weights further from the center balance bracket. If you're using perforated tubes (like mine) once you have it positioned, you simply lock it in place with 5/16" bolts. So far the measurements on these custom brackets seem perfect.

Trying to get the pricing for the brackets somewhere around $15 -$20 dollars so others can build their own jibs...

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