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DSLR Basics: Part 1 of 2 Camera Support by Jay P. Morgan.

2/07/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This is a look at DSLR basics as of today. Things have changed from the first month the 5D Mark 2 came out. Changed for the better as the industry has adapted and progressed with this explosive tool. Part one is a look at the basic way to set up and support the camera with the new tools that have evolved. All the basics are covered to get you started shooting Video on a Canon 5D or 7D. Part 2 will cover the camera set up and sound. With these 2 videos you will have a good foundation to start shooting DSLR Video. All you will need is a good idea. In the end it is all about ideas. Keep em rollin. 

By Jay P. Morgan.