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Eric Holubow has criss-crossed USA capturing forgotten landmarks amid America's inner cities

2/27/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

About Eric Holubow:

Being a Chicagoan, I have always been attracted to the beauty of architecture. While some celebrate a structure’s construction, I am drawn to its deconstruction; when these industrial, commercial and residential buildings transition into ruins. It is at these moments when the energy needed to preserve extinguishes; when a building’s existence is no longer deemed viable or valuable. In these forgotten and overlooked places, I see not just loss, tragedy, or decay, but the chaos in which a new architect’s vision may be born.

Buildings too have a finite existence on earth, eventually succumbing to those forces affecting us all. But their disintegration need not be unattractive or disgraceful, hidden before demolition. Seeing these transitions, whether they are graceful or crude, remind us of our own mortality.

My goal is to capture these moments.

Day of Rest
Gary, IN | © Eric Holubow
Four Saints
St. Matthews Church | © Eric Holubow
Parade Float Factory | © Eric Holubow
On the Organ
St. Stephens | © Eric Holubow
Farwell Angles
Farwell Angles | © Eric Holubow
Piano Room
Piano Room | © Eric Holubow
Minor Stadium
Bush Stadium| © Eric Holubow
Philly Church| © Eric Holubow
Room with a View
Detroit | © Eric Holubow
© Eric Holubow
Barber's Chair
© Eric Holubow
Reclining Cross
St. Boniface Church| © Eric Holubow

Video by | Text and photos by Eric Holubow

More inspiration: Eric Holubow´s website | Flickr | Twitter