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Tunnel Vision Setup with one LED light and Pringles tube

2/18/2012 Matt 0 Comments

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision Setup

Setup for the first try at this concept, yes I have more ideas to try :)
The key element is only just in view, which is a Pringles tube mounted on the cameras lens and can be seen at the base of the pic.

The rest is fairly simple too. A piece of blue paper folded accordion like to create the background and provide the colour. The Pringles tube is just to help keep it upright, useful things, LOL.

Behind that a Yongnuo LED video light for the illumination.

The small 3inch high figure is stood on a plastic box to raise him to the right level.

Thats about all there is to it, quick and easy to set up for something a little different.

The result can be seen below.