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UPDATE PART III: DIY Fluorescent Photography Studio Lighting for less than two/four hundred dollars by Joe Edelman

7/24/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 8 Comments

Why spend several thousand dollars for hi-end kino-flo's when you can build your own fluorescent studio lights for less than two hundred dollars?

On Part I of this series I showed you how to build your own studio quality fluorescent lighting set-up for photographing models and portraits.

On Part II I will show you how to make it work for you and what mistakes to avoid regarding color balance and light placement.


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The final images:

©  Joe Edelman
©  Joe Edelman
©  Joe Edelman

 Parts List:

Lithonia Lighting 2-Light White Fluorescent Shop Light

Lithonia Lighting 4 ft. Fluorescent Tube Protector

40Watt x 48" Fluorescent tubes -- Purchase at any Walmart or Home Depot Store.

Prime-Line 72 in. 2 Door Hardware Pack Bypass Closet Track Kit

Impact Light Stand, Black - 6' (1.8m)

Leviton 15-Amp Black Straight Blade Grounding Plug

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james said...

Hey Joe,
I am not a photographer but this info helped alot in what I was
looking for. Appreciate the lighting tips.

How would you adapt this for dSLR video?

Yes of course. You shoot 1/50

Anonymous said...

Someone linked me here. How can I view the videos?

Anonymous said...

The videos are private? How can we view them?

I am sorry but Joe has removed all his videos from his channel. :(

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason for the removal of his videos?

I think it was a personal choice.