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Miss Aniela + 10 Photographers + Big Locations = Creative Atmosphere

4/23/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

10 photographers, 5 models, a creative team of stylists & designers and 1 great location. Miss Aniela's Fashion Shoot Experience invites professionals and amateurs alike to participate in a one-stop portfolio overhaul and shoot with a range of lighting set-ups in an all-day creative atmosphere, using stunning big locations.

This video was filmed at the February 2012 production at The Roost in London, with costumes by Alyssa Lichtenstein, Queen of the Wild, Chantal Vizard, and Mimic. Full team credits at the end of the video.

Migration season
Miss Aniela | Migration season
Most complicated one of the surreal fashion series yet, I think.
It's worth a long large look as there is lots to absorb.

Thanks to your votes on Vogue Photo of the Day, this picture is published in April's Vogue Italia mag!
Taken at our Shoot Experience at the Roost (name very apt), with 5 new models, a lot of chocolate bars and the fire on all day, naturally. There was a busy styling room and a house full of lovely photographers to first and foremost oversee, and the warmth of the house was making me flag, so I decided to settle on a minimum objective - to do something with the startling new ornithological decor that had appeared in one of the rooms since last time (so much other stuff goes on here between our visits). I'm eternally inspired by the shabby quirkiness of this place, and to run riot in an adventure playground of creativity with 9 other photographers is exhilarating (and exhausting!)
After an early night I arose at 3am (see where it started) and edited for at least 8 hours in total, but enjoyed all of it, not too much frustration. I loved that there were correlations between the dress and the birds before I even started, so I was glad I got to shoot that model, in that dress, in that room (this dress was an unplanned addition by the stylist too - so extra lucky). Each bird I chose to 'animate' was slowly and organically woven into where it felt 'right'. The pictures in this series call for a strange logic amidst illogic, a method in the madness. Whenever I tried to force something 'obvious' into the works, it would reject me. I took another hour to devise the right title which I may yet tweak.

Model - Katie Johnson; dress - Negar Bahardoust/Queen of the Wild; styling - Pash, StyleCreative.
Hair by Kaylee Yasmin & make-up by Grace Gray. Big thanks to Bernard Yeoh for being such a great help assisting the set-up here. (*)

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Filmed & edited by Miss Aniela

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