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Strobist Photographer Nick Fancher explains a new shoot with 2 flashes

4/25/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

by Nick Fancher

Expose Yourself

Most of the time, my goal as a photographer is to erase any trace of myself from my images. My images are for my client’s use, so seeing my reflection or a light stand in the background is considered sloppy. But sometimes, tossing convention aside can allow for some great experimentation and results.

Previously I posted about a Reebok shoot I did several months ago. In that post I describe the direction that I was given by the production director. The selling point for these shoes are the soles. So I knew that once again I wanted light coming through from behind the shoe. But I didn’t want to recreate the previous image. I decided to see what would happen if I put the silver umbrella directly behind the shoe as a back light. The large silver surface, combined with the glass, created a really nice abstract environment for the shoe. I then added a cyan-gelled strobe underneath the glass and an accent light to the right of the shoe.

Exif Data: 1/160, f/10; 200mm; 100 ISO

The tools I am worked with: Three LumoPro LP160 strobes and an LP621 mini-boom arm for my stand. The strobes were triggered by a Radiopopper JRX remote.

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