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Sunglasses, One Umbrella and a Glossy Black Surface: Strobist Lesson by Nick Fancher

5/15/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

I’m Bringing Glossy Black (sung to the tune of Sexyback)

Nothing is sexier than a glossy black surface. And it actually doesn’t even take a black backdrop sweep to achieve it.

Exif Data: 1/200, f/8; 68mm; 500 ISO
  In the top photo, you can see that all I have is a 2’x3’ piece of wood, covered in black fabric and a sheet of glass. For lighting I have one LumoPro LP160 attached to an LP621 mini-boom arm, fired into a silver umbrella.

I angled the umbrella slightly and placed it just behind the sunglasses, to keep the light from spilling onto the black board.

 This angle also allowed the sunglasses to be lit from above and behind, which complemented the translucent frames.

Text and photos by Nick Fancher ( Thanks again Nick )

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Anonymous said...

I thought this was 'how-not-to-do-it'... Now the sunglasses get a double reflection and this makes it look blurry / double visioned. It would be better using a piece of black plexiglass. Here you'd only have 1 reflection. Or perhaps a 'silver' dinner-tray.

Anonymous said...

I was going to mention the same thing as above. One of the most amateur mistakes of shooting any product requiring a reflection. Glass has always been the last choice for anyone serious about having their images look good.

Why not cover "how to shoot a reflection properly", or "how to not get a reflection of yourself in surfaces that shouldn't have it." (sunglasses)

You can even see the Pelican case through the bottom of the glass.

Someone needs to let Nick Fancher know he should assist a real professional sometime in the very near future, and stop writing garbage that will only pollute the internet with more crap knowledge from self proclaimed experts.