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The Crane: The new project by Professional Photographer and Photoshop Master Aaron Nace [Phlearn]

6/08/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The final image
The Crane
The Crane by  Aaron Nace

Strobist Info: 

WL1600(2) cam right into v flat gelled 1/4 CTB@1/2. 
WL1600(2) info v flat cam left gelled 1/4 CTO @1/2. 
WL1600 above model into med. strip box gridded @1/4. 
WL800(2) into ceiling for fill  @1/1. 
WL1600 cam right into beauty dish @1/16. 


Photographer/Retouch: Aaron Nace
Makeup: Mary Cerjan
Hair: Jessica Tiddes
Model: Madeline Dahlia
Assist: Zach Spinner

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