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“Paper,Scissors,Shoot”: DIY pinhole camera

7/20/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

“Paper, Scissors, Shoot” is a video montage documenting the construction of a pinhole camera by architect Way Wong.

For those who don’t know, a pinhole camera is a simplified camera that pulls in light through the use of a hole instead of a lens. Prior to modern cameras, carefully crafted boxes with pinpoint holes and film were the only means by which to produce photographs. Pinhole mechanics made way to modern day dSLR technology and though while heavily outdated, it remains a fun and challenging craft for avid photography enthusiasts.

The pinhole model being constructed in our video is the 1979 “Dirkon” a Czech team’s take on an earlier “Nikon” model. At the boom of photography in the 1970s, three engineers from Czechoslovakia devised an Origami-esque blueprint by which to produce a pinhole camera using ONLY PAPER! The process is far from easy and requires near microscopic cuts, but the result is an ambitious alternative to an otherwise expensive hobby. Notable for its simplicity and public appeal, the Dirkon is a treasured gem in photography history.

...and we hope you enjoy our take on their take.

Please note that the photos shown at the end were NOT taken with the Dirkon camera but are in fact photos from a previous shoot with another film camera. We did not have enough time to develop the actual pinhole photos before production deadline so before you cry “Slander!” and “Fraud,” we concede deliberate product placement.

You have to admit, it looks beautiful though.

Starring: Way Wong
Camera Operators: Jonathan Chin and Crisanto J. Jorda
Production Assistance: Aisha Lopez
Music: Shine by The Album Leaf
Pinhole Camera Design by: Pilný, Kolář and Vyškovský

If you wish to make your own, you can find the blueprint here!