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Camera Geeks! by Philip Bloom

9/26/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Whilst at Photokina talking for Canon about the C300 twice a day I checked out as much of the show as well as catching up will old friends like Nino Leitner and Sebastian Wiegaertner.

I took my 1Dx and 50mm F1.2 with my with the Zacuto Target Shooter rig and Z-Finder and shot some video portraits of various people as well as lots of photos!

You can see the photos here:



All shot on the Canon 1DX in 50p and conformed to 23.976...some flickering due to the bright screens everywhere...graded in Colorista II (20% off with code bloom 20 at and a bit of film grain added too.

Lens used was the 50mm F1.2 L Canon and 1 shot on the Samyang 14mm Cine lens.

Music Brahms Hungarian Waltz.

Thanks to everyone who features in this especially Sarah Estela who features at the end!

Via Philip Bloom