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The Making of the Red Brick Saga: A Lego Time-Lapse

9/24/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

A look behind the scenes of "Red Brick Saga", a series of TV spots we created here at Paganomation for The LEGO Group in early 2011.

Part 1 (1:09) focuses on the planning and setup of the shorts, as well as construction of the sets.

In part 2 (5:59), having wrapped pre-production, we start animation on the Harry Potter spot.

In part 3 (11:19), we visit a galaxy far, far away to complete production on the Star Wars episode.

Part 4 (17:20) showcases the swashbucklin' adventures of the Paganomation crew as they animate the
Pirates of the Caribbean episode.

Part 5 (23:15) wraps things up with the production of the Alien Conquest spot, as well as (28:20) the completion of the project as a whole.

LEGO Red Brick Saga #1 - Pirates of the Caribbean

The first spot in the "Red Brick Saga" finds Captain Jack Sparrow dodging the attacks of his mincing foes, in order to protect his new-found treasure -- a shiny red LEGO brick.

LEGO Red Brick Saga #2 - Harry Potter

The second "Red Brick Saga" spot features the Hogwarts campus and its residents being hassled by a somewhat troublesome Red Brick. Made by Paganomation for LEGO/Warner Bros. in early-mid 2011.

LEGO Red Brick Saga #3 - Alien Conquest

Number three in our series of "Red Brick Saga" spots posits the idea that the elusive Red Brick is not of this earth, as it is sought after by both humans and extra terrestrials alike.

LEGO Red Brick Saga #4 - Star Wars

The fourth and final "Red Brick Saga" spot gives us a look at how the events of "A New Hope" might have played out in an alternate timeline.