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Capturing Epic Moments with Luma, an real-time video stabilization app for your Iphone

10/10/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this behinds the scenes video, film maker Yung Lee discusses how he used the free Luma app to capture epic moments on his iPhone.

This is the final video ( real good, no?)

This app can capture some serious moments! For those of you using AE's Warp Stabilizer in post, this app actually does a better job at stabilization plus it does it in REAL-TIME.
Once you've practiced shooting on an iPhone for awhile, you'll begin to see that if properly used, you can get some glide-cam footage out of your iphone!

Luma includes unprecedented real-time video stabilization, filters, color grading, and zoom. Change filters and stabilization even after recording!

Share beautiful HD videos to Follow your friends to watch, like and comment on their videos.

✓ Free unlimited HD video sharing
✓ Real-time video stabilization
✓ Real-time customizable filters
✓ Real-time color grading (adjust contrast, saturation, etc)
✓ Pinch to zoom
✓ Friend videos & activity feeds
✓ Share via Facebook, Twitter and Email
✓ Push notifications
✓ Resumable background uploads
✓ Change filters after you record!