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Portrait Retouch Face Sculpting with Retoucher Amy Dresser

10/31/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

Maybe you watch our popular post  about  "Are photo retouchers parasites in the photo industry? Retoucher Amy Dresser explains her point of view. "

Now, you have the opportunity to watch how Amy Dresser retouchs a portrait with photoshop.

After | photo by Cade Martin
Before |  photo by Cade Martin

This a few minutes from a 2 1/2 hour start-to-finish portrait retouch featuring commercial retoucher Amy Dresser. It shows her technique for tonal sculpting to enhance, minimize, or even create facial features. 

Amy Dresser is one of the most in-demand retouchers working today, not just among photographers and publishers but also in the retouching enthusiast community. She's one of the few retouchers with a signature style, and she shares that technique with us.


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Nice Video tutorial about photography.i like it.Good job!

fotoclipping said...

Yes,you really provide a brilliant retouching tasks. Well done & keep it up.