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The Macallan Masters of Photography with Annie Leibovitz ( Light View technique)

10/12/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In late 2011, The Macallan commissioned the world's best known photographer - Annie Leibovitz - to shoot a creative campaign featuring Scottish actor Kevin McKidd. This creative campaign is framed around 'The Macallan. The Last Word.' and reflects a 'day in the life' of the actor Kevin McKidd (Grey's Anatomy), enjoying The Macallan at different times, with different moods/ occasions..

"The Library" | © Annie Leibovitz & Macallan

The location for "The Library" shot has a direct link to Scotland. The house was named after Sir Walter Scott's ballad, 'Rokeby' and the library was modelled on the one at Sir Walter Scott's home in Abbotsford in the Scottish borders.

'The Gallery'  | © Annie Leibovitz & Macallan

'The Gallery' was photographed in a house belonging to artist Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900).  The dining room in the house functions as an art gallery that houses Church's collection of Old Master paintings. His own painting 'Niagara Falls from the American side' resides in the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh.

'The Bar''  | © Annie Leibovitz & Macallan

'The Bar' was shot in the Red Spot Bar, nestled in the town of Hudson, the mood is upbeat, lively and relaxed as Kevin McKidd meets up with friends to enjoy a glass of The Macallan together.

'The Skyline' |  © Annie Leibovitz & Macallan

'The Skyline' was shot in Tudor City, on the East side of Manhattan,  famed as the first residential skyscraper complex in the world and renowned for some of the finest city skyline views in the world. Built in 1932 the views of the Chrysler Building and mid-town on one side and the United Nations Headquarters, overlooking the river to the other, are iconic. The building has featured in a host of movies over the years, including Taxi Driver; The Godfather Part III and The Bourne Ultimatum. A fitting venue for the ultimate shot in this series.

Charismatic actor Kevin McKidd: “This project is very special to me. Having worked at The Macallan distillery in my youth I remain a Macallan drinker to this day, so to be asked by The Macallan to be part of this campaign was a huge honour. Annie Leibovitz is a living legend.  To be photographed by her is a once in a lifetime experience”.

 "Light View"

I do not know how to call this technique. But what happen when your "Voice Activated Lightstand" ( with all my respect ) has a monitor with "Live View"?--->I call it  Light View!!!! Incredible.

"Light View"
"Light View" detail

VAL using "Light View"

Video via | Images and text via © Annie Leibovitz & Macallan