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Behind the scenes People Magazine: Sexiest Man Alive 2012

11/19/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Michael Weatherly Will Holla for a Dollar!

Nick Offerman: Why I'm a Sexy 'Stache Act

 © Chris Buck  |  Nick Offerman - People’s Sexiest Man Alive!,
 What is sexier than a middle-aged man, shirtless, with a flood of water coming down on him? To me – nothing. This is an homage to the classic handsome man water portraits that Herb Ritts delivered to us in the late 80s. Black-and-white, backlite and beautiful. ( via Chris Buck´s blog)
Pulling together to get that shot. L to R: Briscoe Savoy, Nick Offerman, Chris Buck, Duane Pyous.

Channing Tatum Is PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive!

Credit: Nino Muñoz | Via Facebook