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BTS of Living On The Edge: Tribes of OMO Valley Ethiopia

11/29/2012 Matt 2 Comments

A short behind the scenes video from our trip to Ethiopia in October 2012. We visited few different tribes in Lower OMO Valley Ethiopia, amazing people. It was fantastic to be able to see how they live their lives.

My friend Asi Kala from Voganarki Village a part of the Hamer tribe..
Unfortunately they are being forced to leaving their original living habits and are being pushed of their lands, while the government are raising sugar factories and dams around the area so probably in few years they will be vanished from what we know as unspoiled tribes.

Arkore Berlalay - a Mursi Woman posing with Photo Taken in Cpellie Village OMO Valley Ethiopia.
Scar Pattern on a Mursi Woman's Stomach Scarring can be used to accentuate the shape of the female body. Mursi (or Murzi) women of Ethiopia have elaborate symmetrical scarring patterns made on their bodies. They focus on the stomach but also curve around the breasts. The flat skin of the stomach is raised with sharp thorns and then cut. — with Garðar Ólafsson in Ethiopia.

Amire Localyie Soldier from Karo Tribe in Lower OMO Valley, Ethiopia.. Taken in OMO river with crocodiles swimming around the area....

I would like to thank my fantastic guide "Alex Dejene" for taking us to all the right places, and show us the best of Ethiopia....



Thank you very much to Ozzo from Iceland to send us this video | Visit


How can I get ahold of someone who knows about the omo people

Hi Ewald

Please, contact with OZZO.

Sure he can help you.