DIY Golfcart Portable Light Stand II by Joseph Philbert

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Quite a few photographers inqure about about my "Portable golfcart lightstand", the first time I saw this used was by a local photographer and he sent me a link to "Peter Nguyen" who I believe was the first person to make one.

Photo via philbertphotography.com

I then went of a search of Craiglist and Ebay to find a cart and BINGO I happen to find one for $30 basically brand new on Craigslist. The carts can run way over $100 bucks a piece.

A list of parts you need.
  • Avenger Products (to attach to the cart for the strobe/flash)
  • BagBoy Golfcart (tapered frame preferred) 
  • Speedlight or Strobe
  • Vagabond II batterypack or sandbag (this will stabilize the cart when needed)
  • Drill and a drill bit about 4mm or 3/16 (if memory serves)
  • Vagabond battery pack (I have the older heavier one)
( Text via  philbertphotography.com )

Ok and now the Peter Nguyen´s version, the original:

Images by Peter Nguyen | Facebook

About this last Golfcart Portable light  Peter Nguyen saids:

Got $20 Acuity golf cart from Dick's today and built this setup. A more robust cart would be better, gonna look for better one that's still compact like this one. And light is 5ft 7in off ground so cart which can mount the Avenger arm higher would be better ;)

Sure you can do your personal version, what are you wating for?


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Peter Nguyen is a photographer based in Louisiana, USA

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