Creating a wet-plate look with Photoshop by Lauri Laukkanen

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Photographer Lauri Laukkanen got super inspired by Ian Ruhter Photography’s appearance on the “Chase Jarvis Live”-show a few days ago, and decided to try and create a wet-plate look in Photoshop. And now Lauri Laukkanen decided to teach you how to do it as well. :)

If you haven’t checked out Ian’s work yet, start by taking a look at his video on Vimeo, called “Silver & Light” - it’s absolutely amazing and inspiring! (vimeo.com)

High-res version of this image here: http://365.laurilaukkanen.com/post/38381156973/wetplateps

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NOTE: I will try to get all to do my Holga Wet Plate Projet, but meanwhile this is what I have.

Quick Tip: Other tutorial about how create a Wet Plate Photo Effect in Photoshop- HERE